Today’s Cool Thing

Not the two different versions of the French cover of Agent to the Stars by Paul Kidby — although, come on, how cool are those, right? Pretty damn cool — but the personalized-to-my-daughter sketch of The Kids Next Door, from the show’s creator, Mr. Warburton, which we naturally also had framed, along with the Kidby pieces. Athena’s a huge fan of the series and apparently sent him fan mail, to which he responded and mentioned my work, which he had read. So he and I exchanged swag, and this sketch was part of that. For doing this for my kid, Mr. Warburton is now on my list of Awesome People Who Are Awesomely Awesome. And it’s a short list, folks.

7 Comments on “Today’s Cool Thing”

  1. Love Paul’s work from his early Pratchett days sketching the Librarian (before Josh passed away and Paul became the primary cover artist for the Pratchett books). Would love to see him do the covers for more of your books.

  2. My kids are officially jealous. Although, my junior geeks do have Neil Gaiman and Rick Riordian signed books…

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