Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

I’d Rather Listen to This Than the Original

And I’m not exactly an Elmo fan. At all.

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It’s My Fault For Reading It But Then the Writer is Not Blameless Either

The literature articles of Salon.com should come with a warning which states “Best read after jamming an ice pick into your frontal lobe, the better to blunt the pain of screaming entitlement,” and I know that, so really, I’m the asshole here for not having such a tool handy, to employ immediately after linking through […]

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Quick Political Notes, 1/19/12

Some stuff: * Bye, Rick Perry! It’s been fun. Now you’re just Texas’ problem again, which, of course, is just fine. I also thank you for putting the rest of the US off Texas governors for a while. I think we need a fallow period there. Something along the lines of 40 years should do […]

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