Your “I’m Traveling, So Fill My Site With Content” Thread (i.e., Promote Yourself and/or Others)

I’m off to the Epic Confusion convention this weekend to hang out with friends, sign lots and lots of books and cause the sort of mischief that I will need for an interesting autobiography a quarter of a century from now. So I won’t be around here much. But! My absence is your opportunity! Because while I am traveling and hanging about with friends and plotting horrible things to do to Pat Rothfuss when he’s not looking, I am leaving this thread for you to tell other people who visit the site about cool stuff you’ve found elsewhere online, including, if you’re so inclined, your own stuff. So then they can link through, be amused, and then everyone is happy and an angel gets its wings. Those poor wingless angels, just hoping for wings!

All you have to do is go to the comment thread, leave a brief description of the thing you’re pointing people at, and then leave a link (typing in the URL should do just fine). I suggest one cool thing per post, because too many links will punt your comment into my moderation thread. I’ll be checking in on the comment thread to release these comments, so don’t panic, I’ll get your comment out of moderation if it gets in there. But the easiest way to avoid this: One link per comment. Which means, yes, you can post more than one comment. Remember, though: Quality is better than quantity.

My own link for you:

Walter Jon Williams, Nancy Kress and special guest lecturer Daniel Abraham are the faculty of this “graduate-level” two-week science fiction and fantasy workshop. As the site says, “If you’ve sold a few stories and then stalled out, or if you’ve been to Clarion or Odyssey and want to re-connect with the workshop community, this is the workshop for you!” They’re accepting applications now for their 2012 session, which takes place this year June 10 through 23. Check it out.

There’s mine. What’s yours?

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