An Enigmatic Update For You to Puzzle Over

One day, songs will be sung about the legendary Licked Book of Epic Confusion.

That is all.

21 Comments on “An Enigmatic Update For You to Puzzle Over”

  1. Not to be confused (or licked, I would imagine) with the Epic Book of Confused Licks: “And the people did cry out in an single voice, ‘Lord! That bottle of ale did hit Clapton in his temple; yet he proceedeth to playin an most awesome fashion! Well, relatively…'”

  2. Licked Book of Epic Confusion is a forthcoming Black Sabbath album featuring heavy metal covers of such artists as: Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Loretta Lynn, WHAM, and Boy George, just to name a few. Expect this 3 disc tribute to be in stores for this Holiday Season.

  3. Licked links lack laved lips. Limp links love lisping lits. Winkies waff.
    He chortled in his joy.

  4. @stencil:

    That much alliteration should only be uttered by Fibber McGee.

    My parser hurts now thanks to you. :P ;-)

  5. Licking is my second favorite way of getting to know someone. Probably TMI, but I felt like sharing.

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