Daily Archives: January 23, 2012

Today’s Ass-Covering Statement

I am soooooooo far behind on e-mail at the moment. I swear I’m going to catch up on most of it this afternoon. If you had e-mailed me in the last couple of weeks and were hoping for a response and do not get one by noon tomorrow, please feel free to resend. Thanks.

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Warrants? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’… Oh, Wait, We Do

The Supreme Court unanimously says law enforcement needs a warrant for GPS monitoring. I like the part where it’s unanimous. Here’s a pdf of the decision.

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Confusion Convention Recap

My Confusion convention weekend started a bit inauspiciously; when Krissy and I arrived at the hotel the con was at, we noticed that I had managed to leave my suitcase behind, meaning that as far as clothing was concerned, I had what I was wearing and that was all. This precipitated a moment of panic […]

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Various and Sundry, 1/23/12

While I was away at a science fiction convention, the world stubbornly went on without me. Here’s what I think of some of what happened.   * South Carolina GOP Primary: Loved it. Dear Republicans: I think your current reignited fling with Newt Gingrich is fantastic. Definitely make him your nominee. He’s the only candidate […]

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