Confusion Convention Recap

My Confusion convention weekend started a bit inauspiciously; when Krissy and I arrived at the hotel the con was at, we noticed that I had managed to leave my suitcase behind, meaning that as far as clothing was concerned, I had what I was wearing and that was all. This precipitated a moment of panic before I realized I was a relatively well-off individual who lived in an advanced, first-world country, and could easily procure new attire at one of the numerous retailers who dotted the local landscape. Problem solved.

Other than that minor hiccup, Confusion was fantastic. I think many of you know that I consider Confusion my “home” convention — i.e., the convention I go to just for fun and to see friends rather than to flog myself and my product — so it’s usually a chance to relax and hang out and enjoy myself. This year was no exception to that; while I did programming (the first time in a couple of years, actually), what the convention was mostly about was catching up with people I like and getting to meet some new people as well.

This year was especially good for the latter, since Confusion was rather ridiculously top-heavy with writers this year. Above and beyond the usual local crowd (in which I include myself, as well as Anne Harris, Sarah Zettel, Tobias Buckell and Jim C. Hines among others) there was also Patrick Rothfuss (as the Guest of Honor), Brent Weeks, Peter V. Brett, Joe Abercrombie, Jay Lake, Robin Hobb, Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch, Howard Andrew Jones, Brad Beaulieu, Saladin Ahmed (who is actually local now, so: ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF US), Cat Rambo, Kristine Smith, Michelle Sagara and debut novelist Myke Cole and a bunch of others I’m forgetting and not naming because eventually lists become boring. The point is: Dude, many cool writers, many of whom I got to meet in the flesh for the first time.

I have already discussed the Legendary Licked Book of Epic Confusion, but other highlights of the weekend included bringing scrunchies and a lacy hot pink thong to a D&D game featuring many of the writers name-checked above, attending the release party for Saladin’s excellent and almost absurdly well-reviewed debut novel Throne of the Crescent Moon (which will have a Big Idea feature soon, incidentally), where among other things we discussed unlubricated emus and thrilled to Joe Abercrombie’s fabulous and almost too-accurate Admiral Ackbar imitation, and my joint reading with Toby Buckell, at which he unleashed the first chapter of Arctic Rising, his new (and very good) near future thriller.

I myself showed off the ARC of Redshirts (which Tor very graciously sent over to me at the hotel, so I could in fact show them off) and tried not to go all Gollum and scream “NO! MY PRECIOUS!!” whenever anyone asked to see it. On the other hand, the most common thing people did when I did hand them the ARC was to pretend to run, so you tell me who was being paranoid here. I think at least a couple of them would have run, had not Krissy, my vengeful, raven-tressed Amazon of a wife, been on hand to tackle and punish them. And punish them she would have. My wife is awesome.

Basically, it was a fantastic time all around and you wish you could have been there, unless you were there, in which case, you are glad you were. I’m looking forward to doing it all over again next year. Although next year I really do intend to remember my suitcase.


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  1. You know, your marriage starts making a lot of sense when I realized its a lot like Wash & Zoe. Reality and fiction . . Have you considered suing Whedon for IP theft?

  2. Of course it helps that you can wear clothes of a size that many fine establishments carry. (grin) Yes, I’m an outlier. (double-plus-sized-grin)

    Dr. Phil

  3. I had a fantastic time at the Con–this was my first convention experience and I could not have asked for a better one! Everyone was so very nice, the panels I attended were fantastic and not crowded, and I was generally in a geeky haze of happiness the entire time. My husband, who is not an avid reader like I am, even enjoyed himself and asked to borrow some of my books written by the authors at the panels we attended :) I’m definitely going to make coming to this Con a priority in the future.
    And big thanks to Subterranean Press for giving out copies of The Sagan Diary. Very cool!

  4. Idiosynchronic, we now need fanart with them as Wash and Zoe. Surely someone on the internet can have this done. Even better if it’s done like the Velvet Wesley.

  5. How many people running off with the ARC of Redshirts might have done so with the hope that Krissy would tackle them, regardless of punishment? “Dood, I was tackled by John Scalzi’s wife at a con! How awesome is that?”

  6. I had to be one of the people that Kristy was keeping a close eye on. Many plans were hatched to obtain a copy of REDSHIRTS this weekend. I probably could have gotten away with it too, but I think that might have ruined my reputation in authorial circles.

  7. Ah, I noted that you looked very nice and trim at the convention but never got a chance to think about saying so to you when I did actually talk to you. Well fitting new clothes probably helped, I’m sure but you did all the hard work before that, too. I had a very good time at Epic Confusion and I think it was my husband’s first time at that con and he had a good time too. In particular he enjoyed the “I Suck” panel that you moderated. I have to say that my favorite moment was seeing you and Myke Cole on the dialog panel. His reaction to being able to call you “John” was quite charming.

  8. It takes a lot to admit you forgot something as obvious as a suitcase… Much respect.

  9. It now makes total sense what Dave Hogg was saying when I called to check in on my way from picking up someone at the airport and he said “Scalzi is going to wear all 8 pair of his underwear.”

    I thought you were just layering against the cold.

  10. As kruce said, as long as you had your towel you were all right. You… DID have your towel, didn’t you?

  11. Thank you, John. Next time I have a memory lapse in front of friends at an convention, I can say, “Well, at least I didn’t leave my luggage at home like Scalzi!” ;^)

  12. “I think at least a couple of them would have run, had not Krissy, my vengeful, raven-tressed Amazon of a wife, been on hand to tackle and punish them.” Saying that is certainly not the best way to discourage such behavior in the future.