Daily Archives: January 26, 2012

I Am Running For SFWA President (Again) (Again)

It’s come round that time when the Election Committee of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America makes its call for candidates to serve on our board. I have decided to step forward once more (last, last very last time I swear) as a candidate for President, a position to which I was first […]

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She’s At It Again

This is not the first time Krissy has been caught hugging babies with her teeth. But can you blame her? They are so tender! You could just eat them up! Just! Note: The baby survived, largely untasted.

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Old Man’s War Goes to Italy

Hey, today’s a big day for me in the land of (some of) my ancestors! It’s the day that the Italian version of Old Man’s War hits bookstores. It’s been retitled Morire Per Vivere, which if Google Translate is to be trusted translates out to something like “Dying to Live.” Well, that’s not entirely unrelated […]

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