She’s At It Again

This is not the first time Krissy has been caught hugging babies with her teeth. But can you blame her? They are so tender! You could just eat them up! Just!

Note: The baby survived, largely untasted.

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  1. Well, that does look like an exceptionally delicious baby. Few would be able to resist at least a couple nibbles.

  2. We have a series of photos of me doing this with friends’ babies, no idea why I started it… till we were looking at some of my old pictures from my childhood, and found one of me pretending to bite my little brother’s head, thirty years ago. Clearly some habits form young.

  3. Johns Barnes and Scalzi: good lord no, that’s an image we don’t need!

    I mean, I’m still having nightmares from watching V as a kid.

    Why, what were you all thinking?

  4. {Obligatory Zombie Voice} “Send… more… babies…” {/Obligatory Zombie Voice}

    Bren says:
    “Baby not wasted, largly untasted,
    reserved for another doom.”

    I add:
    “Scraping teeth, skull beneath,
    fresh as a new spring bloom.”

  5. Turn the dial to [P]rogram mode (might just be a box on the dial), pop up the flash manually, set white balance to “flash”, and have at it.

    If you go to ‘portrait’ mode, it will force the aperature as far open as your lens can go, but most kit lenses are only good to about f4. You would probably have to make sure to ‘unzoom’ to get the biggest aperature. most kit lenses let you zoom in but end up with a smaller aperature like f5.8 or aomething. which will block out light, and that room is way too dark to not try to bend the camera to help as much as it can.

  6. Perhaps I’m irony impaired and the Photoshop line was an allusion to the “handle the record by the edges thread”, I sure hope we aren’t going to have another round of accusing John of making stuff up. How do we really know he lives in Ohio? Perhaps his sunset pictures were taken from another planet that is an exact duplicate of Earth.

    Perhaps his body is occupied by an alien. That would explain some of more expressive photos of him.

  7. Scalzi does make stuff up. He writes fiction and taped bacon to a cat, so posing a humorous picture is hardly beyond him.

    Nor is it wrong to Make A Funny On The Internet. There are whole sites, from The Onion to LOLCatz, that do that.

    Having said it was taken from a phone explains a lot of the “fake-ness” of the picture.

  8. You and your presidency problem, Kristy and her babies problem.


    And what’s Athena’s little social faux pas habit? Hanging out with writers? Having a sense of humor?

    Much less the catsndog.

  9. Careful. My son, now 5, runs around saying, “Bite my head! Bite my head!” because dad does a zombie-eat-your-brains thing with him at night.

    It’s more difficult to explain at daycare than you might think.

  10. This is TOTALLY FAKE. How would Krissy know how to hold a baby properly by the edges if she was in the habit of eating them? The baby’s performance seems rehearsed! Won’t someone think of the children????

  11. No, no, no! She’s doing it wrong! It’s the nape of the neck which is utterly irresistable…

  12. And here I thought atheists were the only ones that ate babies. Aw man, now everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon.

  13. Okay, whose baby is this? And do the parents know that apparently Krissy takes Jonathan Swift’s A MODEST PROPOSAL a little too seriously?

    And Angie, if you shaved Athena’s head, I think what you would find is a VERY pissed-off Athena.

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