Single Serving Scalzi

Hey there — Subterranean Press has released another on of my short stories for the Kindle and Nook: “Tale of the Wicked,” which originally showed up in the New Space Opera 2 anthology, back in 2009. It’s got spaceships and aliens and battles and computers and explosions, not necessarily in that order, and it’s a pretty good story if I do say so myself. Here’s the link to the Kindle edition, and to the Nook edition. In the UK? There’s a Kindle edition for you too. Everywhere else in the world? Working on it.

While I’m pointing that out, this is also a fine time to note that SubPress also released a different short story of mine a few weeks back, which I completely forgot to mention because I was busy training were-badgers to do my dark bidding. Nevertheless I’m telling you now that “An Election,” my 2010 of a human guy running for a city council post in a district dominated by alien races, is also now available in Kindle and Nook formats. it does not feature spacecraft and explosions, but it does feature aliens — quite a few of them — plus local politics and lots of humor. So I think you’ll dig it if you haven’t read it already. It’s also available on Amazon UK.

Both stories go for 99 cents in the US and 77, what? Pence? in the UK. Enjoy.

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  1. Hey, a little bit of Scalzi to add to my weekend reading. I too would be interested in a Scalzi collection. A nice hardcover, with a cool cover would look great on my bookshelves.

  2. Ipads exist too, you know. Actually, I am pretty sure you are doing this deliberately just because I pointed out that Krissy was biting the wrong part of the baby…

  3. Excellent works. Are there any plans to do some of your other short works?
    I would love to see

    Alien Animal Encounters
    The Secret History of The Last Colony
    The Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book One The Dead City

    as Nook epubs.
    Thank you.

  4. JS
    Now you are just confusing me, which shouldn’t surprise me because I know the way these conversations go. One moment it’s in English and then people start shouting things like HTML at me. I console myself with the reflection that there will always be dead tree books because we need them to read in the bath…

  5. Thanks! I just to B&N and got them plus another 99 centers. I just love these cheap quick reads.

  6. Stevie: What he means is, your iPad can also be a Kindle and a Nook. Open the App Store and search for Kindle or Nook. The apps are free. Then you buy ebooks at the B&N web site or Amazon and they are downloaded to your iPad.

  7. Bought! And I am so glad the UK Kindle editions were out quickly too or I would be being consumed with envy…

  8. Diane:
    I sympathize enormously. Orion Books in the UK has a bunch of Poul Anderson’s works in ePub format available, but they won’t sell them unless you live on that side of the pond. [sound of teeth grinding in frustration]

  9. Do you know if there’s any chance that these will be published for all devices? Surely, I can’t be the only one who has an e-book reader of a different brand and who wants to to buy the books of yours which are only in e-book edition? The e-book reader I have is a Denver.

  10. You did forget to tell us about this. My gosh, are we supposed to do everything for ourselves? :). I was on the SubPress website this morning, found it quite by chance and downloaded to my Kindle without missing a sip of coffee.

  11. I thought it was a smudge on my screen, but no, that’s your face back there. Peering at me from behind the comments.

    That’s arrogant and creepy. I will punish you by purchasing your wares.

  12. Technology, man! What a rush! I read an announcement of new Scalzi work available, and 30 seconds later I’m reading it (via Kindle)! The Internet, man… how did I survive the first 30 years of my life without it???

  13. I would absolutely buy them if I had either a kindle or a nook. For that matter, I’d buy the pdf. I have a sony reader, and I just don’t particularly want to make a whole bunch of format conversions. Ah well.

  14. Mel:
    I have neither kindle nor nook. However, these two stories (at least on B&N) are DRM-free. And conversion using Calibre takes about two seconds.

  15. Geoffrey: It’s still a conversion I have no interest in making, as noted in my original post. Thanks but no thanks.

  16. Geoffrey: Remember when they said that 2400 baud modems were as fast as twisted pairs could ever go? Never so glad to be wrong about something, eh???

  17. I have been resisting buying a Kindle because I avoid walled gardens. Now the Kobo is available in the UK I have finally entered the eBook world, and this story will be among my first buys.

    Thanks to Geoffrey for the pointer to Calibre.

  18. I came here to whinge about being in the “rest of the world” (New Zealand) and not getting access to stuff like this, but decided to at least try buying them first. And it let me, so I guess I can’t whinge this time around :)

  19. @MadLogician

    Glad to have helped. I have found Calibre to be an indispensable tool for dealing with eBooks. Most recent example was: the (Nook) stories listed in this post did not work in Stanza, so I used Calibre to do an ePub -> ePub “conversion” and the output versions are working fine.