Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, I Will Be In You

You Los Angelenos should be aware that I will lurk among you this April, as I am going to be a participant in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. What shall I do there? Festivate, of course! On the subject of books! Also, I know they’re planning a panel for me to be on. With other people of my kind. I can’t go into details now. Suffice to say that if the panel goes off as we intend, you will squee with delight. Even those of you who have promised yourself that you will never squee. You will squee. It’s not like I’m making a demand. It will be that you have no choice but to squee. It’ll be well nigh physiological.

I may have said too much.

In any event: Los Angeles. April 21 – 22. Festival of Books. Me. Potential Squeetasticness.

We’re all caught up now.

25 Comments on “Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, I Will Be In You”

  1. Doesn’t everywhere you go automatically become a festival? Isn’t that why you started playing the ukelele, in order to focus the festivate and prevent overspillage?

  2. Okay, I signed up for email spam from the festival and got the android app… It’s right smack at the tail end of Script Frenzy though….

    Are you doing any book signings? …how would you sign my Nook? –oh wait, I know! On the back with a silver Sharpie!

  3. Roshan:

    Actually I was there in 2007. No ukulele then, however.

    Donna Leonard:

    The last time I was there I signed, so yes, I would expect to do it again. I’ll be happy to sign a Nook.

  4. I really wish I lived closer to a major city. Out of curiosity, do you know of any big literary conferences/festivals/conventions in Louisiana (or Texas)?

  5. I may have to actually brave the traffic and crowds this year. This makes me very happy.

  6. There are no other people of your kind. You are a little like Jaime Lannister (“There are no men like me. There’s only me”).

    Are there squees that are not of delight? What about a squee of dispair? Squee of ennui (oooooh! Band name!)? Will those be permitted.

  7. Alan M beat me to it but I agree. There are no others of your kind.

    And that’s a good thing.

    I was joking with my wife about cloning myself, and she told me that she’d kill all of us if I did so. “What, including the original?” “Yes, especially the original.”

  8. NO!!! That’s the weekend we’ll be in Atlanta for nephew Ari’s wedding.
    Drat. And we are even a sponsor of the Festival!!!
    double drat.
    Well, hope you have fun out here.

  9. Do you know which day(s) you will be appearing/signing???? I’m a Librarian in the area that works Saturdays & Sundays. I haven’t been to the festival in years, but I’m thinking I may need to put in a vacation request and take the day(s) off to see what you’ve kinda/sorta alluded to.

    Will you be doing any other signings in the area before fleeing back to OH??

  10. I haven’t been to the festival for years because they never have any sf or fantasy authors — in a town (or urban area rather) that’s loaded with great writers. Oh, they used to have Ray Bradbury every year, but he was about it. The LA Times is notorious for ignoring science fiction except when an sf-type movie makes big bucks — they’re even worse than the NY Times. I hope your attendance this year signals an actual change in their general crappy attitude.

  11. Wil Wheaton was at the Festival a few years ago. Bring him back. I would love to see the two of you on a panel together.

  12. I would respectfully disagree with @Tehanu about the Fest rarely having SFF authors. Admittedly, they don’t have nearly as many as they do mystery authors — they have a bizarre love for endless mystery panels — but they always have far more than they do romance authors (who they usually ignore entirely). Pretty much every year, they do an excellent SFF panel. In recent years I’ve seen Robert Silverberg, Joe Haldeman, Harry Harrison, Garth Nix, Megan Whalen Turner, Neal Shusterman, and lots more.

  13. It’s posts like this that make me wonder whether Maureen Johnson actually exists, or whether it’s just you ghost-writing her tweets and her books…

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