Let’s End the Whatever Programming Day With a Picture of a Cat

And there you are. Goodnight, everybody!

(Fade to static and poltergeists)

16 Comments on “Let’s End the Whatever Programming Day With a Picture of a Cat”

  1. I would’ve faded to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. But you’re right, it’s already been done.

  2. WHAT(ever) now concludes its broadcasting day….fade to ‘Star-spangled Banner’.

    I wonder if kids would ever believe us if we told them there was a time when TV didn’t run 24/7.

  3. @The Other John

    When I tell elementary school kids that during tours of the submarine I work on, it takes them a fair bit to swallow it, usually. Though the idea that in WWII, almost no one HAD a TV(or a CD player, or video games, or cell phones, or iPads, and that there were only 3-4 TV stations) seems to also help.ram the point home.

  4. I do like how the Whatever programming day begins with the National Anthem followed by the Farm Report.

  5. Whatever Programming Day sounds like something the new college grads do in the server room. It would take a cat to keep those guys in line. (I am reliably informed that “guy” is now a non-gendered word.)