The Return of Con or Bust

My friend Kate Nepveu has pinged me to remind folks that this year’s Con or Bust auctions are soon to begin — these are auctions of cool science fiction and fantasy related stuff, with the funds raised from the auctions going to help fans of color attend science fiction and fantasy conventions. Auctions include ARCs, signed editions, posts by notable bloggers on the subject of the auction winner’s choice, and other such cool and interesting stuff. Also, if you have something you’d like to offer to the auction, in the way of goods or services, you can do that too.

The auctions begin on the 11th (that’s this Saturday), so there’s time to browse the current auctions to see if there’s anything you like and/or do a last minute auction contribution.

Here’s the general details of the auctions, and here’s the front page of the site — start scrolling to see the auctions on offer.

3 Comments on “The Return of Con or Bust”

  1. Specifically, to help attend SFF cons!

    And there are more things to be listed, so check back–items will be listed up to and even after the opening of bidding.

    Thanks John!

  2. I had hoped to attend Boskone this year and bought a membership, only to have to cancel due to a professional conflict. So I’ll be in Texas instead opf Boston, and Kate arranged for my membership to be transferred to someone else.

    So, Scalzi, I’m counting on you to be extra nice to Kate Nepveu’s Special Guest, if only to further torment me because I’m not there.

    Seriously: this is IMPORTANT. I mentioned Con or Bust at a west coast convention last fall, telling some friends about how I was able to donate the Boskone membership, and got blank looks. Fans of color under-represented? Huh? What about [name of local black author attending]? After all, if there’s one black person here, clearly we are Diverse! I looked around the room at the sea of Caucasian faces and resisted the urge to go bang my head against the wall.

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