Final Breast Cancer Screening/Education Tally

As you all remember, and in the wake of the Susan G. Komen thing, last week I and Subterranean Press pledged the income generated by one week of sales of my SubPress eBooks to support Planned Parenthood’s breast cancer screening and education efforts. I’m delighted to say that in the end we raised $5,200. (Well, $5,196.30, but then I tossed in $3.70 to even it up). As promised we’ll specify that the funds go exclusively to Planned Parenthood’s breast cancer-related initiatives, which help poor and underserved women in early detection and treatment. $5,200 is a relative drop in the bucket, but you put enough drops together and you’ve got something useful.

Thanks to everyone who picked a SubPress eBook in the last week; I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve been reading. And thanks for helping women learn about, detect, and fight, breast cancer. You’ve done good, and you’ve done well.

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  1. Also: It would be nice if this thread didn’t turn into yet another standard issue posture-fest regarding abortion, on any side of that particular discussion. That’s a hint, y’all. A very strong hint, backed up with a mallet.

  2. This is great news! Thank you so much for doing this – it’s definitely going to help someone, and that is a thing of beauty.

  3. Thank you for your efforts and support. This came at the same time that we found out that my good friend’s mother has breast cancer and must have a mastectomy. She is self-employed and has no insurance. This “drop” will help her and others like her.
    We are having a fund raiser to help take care of her medical bills and, hopefully, cover the time that she won’t be able to work. There is a ton of talent in our group, so we are having a silent auction and many performers.

    Thanks for listening to my story:)

  4. I was glad to help even in a small way so thank you for the chance to do so.
    On the other hand, even though I was laughing uncontrollably, I feel just a bit sorry for Judge Sn.

  5. I’ve been thinking I should donate to PP and I’m happy to do it indirectly. Now I’m thinking I should do it directly and tie the donation to something. Perhaps to… Santorum? Maybe donate a certain amount for every week he stays in the GOP race? Or one dollar for each delgate he gets? Anyone have any ideas?

  6. Along with the $5200, there are all of the drops made up by those of us who didn’t buy e-books, but donated directly. Thanks again for bringing the story to our attention.

  7. @ AlanM

    Maybe donate a certain amount for every week he stays in the GOP race? Or one dollar for each delgate he gets? Anyone have any ideas?

    I’m donating $20 since I’m not ready to by e-books. I too was wondering about splitting it up. Originally I wanted to do $10 in Komen’s name and $10 in John’s or someone else’s. But I’m wondering, do smaller denominations loose more to bank processing overhead costs? I think I’ll just do the whole $20 in John’s name. But I would be greatly interested if anyone here can answer my question.

  8. Thank you, John, you’ve done a good thing with this. Not only the fund raising, but the topic raising.

  9. Yay! I’m so glad you did that, John, mainly because it caused me to go “gee, I keep meaning to read that” and by a copy of “You’re not fooling anyone…”

  10. Well, I was happy to add my little droplets to the total. I also added a more sizable droplet direct to PP. I think this is an excellent example of what can happen when people who want to do something good get fired up and get together.

  11. Not bad at all, particularly if generating $5,200 in sales for a week is somewhat normal then one could extrapolate that your gross sales from ebooks alone is $270,000 a year. Now whether that sales amount is normal or a result of the fund drive is hard to say but I would guess the total population of people who would buy your books who visit your site is relatively small. Nope, not bad at all.

  12. In a way, you’re responsible for an even greater donation than the one you made. Inspired by your generosity, I made a similar offer to my readers, donating the proceeds for a week of sales of the ebooks that I control. So, give yourself some credit for an additional $1520 to PP. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. A very quick search indicates that a mammogram costs $120-150, so that’s at least 35 mammograms – or considerably more breast exams, which I assume cost less. That’s at least three dozen screenings that wouldn’t have been covered without your contribution.

    Thank you, John – 35 times.

  14. @ WonderOfItAll

    Not bad at all, particularly if generating $5,200 in sales for a week is somewhat normal then one could extrapolate that your gross sales from ebooks alone is $270,000 a year.

    Not quite. Scalzi’s publisher, Subterranean Press, also pitched in their take, so huzzah to them as well :)

    And their contribution was likely larger overall. Depending on whether SubPress pays royalties as a percentage of the e-book’s list price or a percentage of the net receipts after the retailer takes their cut of the gross, an author can generally expect to be paid anywhere between 10 and 25 percent of the cost of the book. This is going by my personal experience in tech publishing, but I doubt fiction is all that different as the mechanics of the business model would have to operate more or less on the same principles. So a more realistic extrapolation, IMHO, would land between $27,000 and $67,500 grossed from e-books before taxes and any business expenses John has (laptops, Coke Zero, ect…), which is still pretty good.

  15. I also took the opportunity/hint to purchase all your subpress fiction I could find on kindle. As I am in the UK I guess it doesn’t count towards your total but hey, i probably paid for most of that $3.70.

    PS: I also loved Judge Sn goes golfing (how to pronounce SN though?) & looking forward to Redshirts when its out as an ebook.

  16. I think I saw somewhere that PP had raised over $2,000,000 for their breast-cancer-screening fund and were expanding operations as a result.

  17. you made me a reader .. after I bought Wicked I bought Zoe’s tale, and I’ve never bought any of your books before.

    money for the rest of them will therefore go to you.

  18. I missed the deadline for the PP fundraiser, but I bought these today anyway… so I guess I’m supporting you for supporting them.

    Loved Judge Sn! My favorite yet of your short stories, with the possible exception of “After the Coup.”

  19. FYI, after considering buying books that would net PP a one-time boost in donations, I decided on another path: I became a monthly donor to PP, and plan to pick up some of these books anyway. So add $15 * (number of remaining months in the typical middle-aged man’s lifespan) to your total.

    Thanks for inspiring me to action, Mr. Scalzi!

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