Last Minute 80s Dance Music Suggestions: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Hey guys:

As you know I’m DJing an 80s dance tonight. I’m pretty well situated for 80s dance music (500 tracks on the playlist) BUT there’s always a chance I’ve completely blown past a “wow you should really have that in the mix” track.

SO: Suggest one of YOUR favorite songs from the 80s that you would want to dance to. The “that you’d want to dance to” part is important, because it’s a dance.

Any genre works.

Do me a favor and focus on no more than five songs. I don’t need laundry lists; I need awesome 80s songs I might have overlooked.

Got it? Good. Go!


Clearly, This Must Be My Next Author Photo

It may be too late to use it for Redshirts. A pity, that.

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