Clearly, This Must Be My Next Author Photo

It may be too late to use it for Redshirts. A pity, that.

37 Comments on “Clearly, This Must Be My Next Author Photo”

  1. You do know it is unwise to post such pictures on facebook. What happens if potential employers fine it!

  2. I don’t know, George, I’d say that the saddest part would be if it was alcohol. If John’s making that face on purpose, then it’s pretty funny. If it’s because he blotto, much less so.

  3. I usually lurk and enjoy your pithy writing, but I’m crawling out for this one:

    oh, no, no, no, no–you can’t get off THAT easily. I need the story behind that, please.

  4. It’s a pity that the phone camera quality doesn’t capture the fact that the tiara and the drink are color-coordinated. The world needs to know about John’s awesome fashion sense.

  5. Well, sober in the technical sense of not having alcohol in your system. As Isaac Asimov put it when talking about how he got into similar situations, “No, I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t have to. I was born drunk.”

  6. And it’s post like this why I count you, John Scalzi, as one of my favorite authors even though I have yet to get around to reading everything you have written. (I do love me some OMW series and I have both Fuzzy Nation and Redshirts on request from my library.)

  7. Appropos of almost nothing, a comment: you’re looking pretty fit there, actually. And I enjoy noting that this is a ukulele you’re carrying, not a guitar.

  8. It might be improper to notice, but your weight loss is quite apparent to me. Congratulations!

    Also, what is the hat refrencing?

  9. Lookin’ good my man, but pandering to the ukulele crowd? I never thought you’d go there.

  10. Heh. You have to watch these non-drinkers!
    Seriously – one of my Australian aunts (the teetotalling one) was seen whooping it up in a Georgetown
    bar with her Aussie Embassy co-workers ON DC LOCAL NEWS — and Mum & I just *knew* she was
    doing root beer. Hey it was the day the Aussies won America’s Cup – she had cause to be hitting the
    root beer.

    John, it is a GREAT author photo.
    Use it wisely. :)

  11. For extra surprise value, trade it for an author photo from Mary Ann Mohanraj or Cherie Priest or someone.

  12. Dude, let me lend you my purple plastic Hello Kitty tiara!

    What happens at the convention, stays at the convention……

  13. My niece would totally covet your crown – a sure sign that you are among the fashion-forward in your choice of feathered, sequined head-gear.

  14. Ah, I see the Krewe of Nerdus* kicked off Mardi Gras in Chicago this year. That had to have been a sketchy crowd.

    *There’s already a Krewe of Vulcan. Sigh.

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