Redshirts Auction for Con or Bust

I’ve been told that Tor has offered up an ARC of Redshirts for Con or Bust, the fundraiser to help fans of color attend science fiction and fantasy conventions. So if you’d like to bid to try to get that copy for yourself, the auction is going on here. If you’d like to check out the other auctions going on for Con or Bust, try here.

7 Comments on “Redshirts Auction for Con or Bust”

  1. cartophilus – melbourne, australia – 48, businessman, traveller, semi- luddite, happily partnered up for 17 years, no children by choice, somewhat right wing, anti war but not soldiers, anti religions but not faith, pro cats, scifi, aaron sorkin, and interesting people. ( also really good wine!)

    You’re a good man John – my bid is in but honestly I hope it goes higher, much as I REALLY want that book.

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