It’s the Little Details That Mean a Lot

My pal Mark Nevin (former guitarist/songwriter for Fairground Attraction, now solo artist) has a video out for his song “Oh Mama.” It’s a sweet song about how moms are pretty great, so that’s nice (and true!), but I have to say that the element of the video I fixated on from the very first moment are his shoes. Because, wow: Pink with thick waffle soles. I’m vaguely terrified. He threatened to get me a pair. I fear he might.

12 Comments on “It’s the Little Details That Mean a Lot”

  1. What a great video and super sentimential song. Thank you for sharing.

    Yes, you need a pair of those shoes!

  2. That whole outfit reminds me of the movie Better Off Dead, and the final scenes with the nerdy Ricky character. In the last part of the movie, Ricky is wearing a very similar hat and coat, and he also has the nerdy coke-bottle glasses.

  3. So you implant the “pink” motif firmly in my psyche and then I watch a video that has the shoes, the hat, the writing on the note for his mom, the garage doors the fact that every mom & stroller combo in the line at the 3 minute mark has one item of purple or pink on it (and I’ve only watched the video once) means either your friend or the videos director was being artistic…or your highlight of the pink thing just focused my mind on that color and you could have said blue and I would have done the same thing.

  4. EEEEEE Fairground Attraction!! Between Perfect and First of a Million Kisses I will forgive Any Pink Anything from Mr. Nevin..

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