The New Book: 24 Frames Into the Future

Here it is:

The cover art is by Dan Dos Santos, who is the Artist Guest of Honor here at Boskone. It and the book are quite nice looking. One thing you can’t tell by looking at this picture is that underneath the dust jacket, the book itself is silver. It’s really quite a thing to look at. And the content is, as noted before, a collection of my science fiction film columns from AMC/

If you’re at Boskone, you’ll be able to get it starting tomorrow. If you’re not at Boskone, it will be available for you to get staring early next week. There are only 1100 hardcovers in the first printing, so if you’re a collector, you’ll want to hop to it. It’s worth the getting.

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  1. I don’t know… maybe. I got a first printing (including a signed limited of one of them) of the last two GoH NESFA/Boskone books without being at the convention or buying off the secondary market.

  2. gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can we order a first addition ??
    I am so slow. Was there an earlier posting about where we can get it next week?
    Inquiring minds and all that.

  3. Showing us a book of yours that we won’t be able to buy for 4 days (if we can at all due to limited numbers?).


  4. @Lif Strand

    In both cases, I just called NESFA Press and placed an order the Monday after the convention. Two years ago, I was able to snag the signed and slipcased edition of Deep Navigation by Al Reynolds. Last year I had to settle for the unsigned numbered edition of Scratch Monkey by Charlie Stross.

  5. I will be at Boskone and look forward to coming home with the book… Hmmm… I guess I now know how I’ll be spending my day on Sunday. I have a bad habit of reading your books in one sitting.

  6. Yes, I got my copy from Larry Smith and it’s autographed. Thank you very much!

    You others may commence with the jealousy….

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