Boskone Update, Saturday


Friday at Boskone hummed along nicely — got to have lunch with Bud Sparhawk, SFWA’s treasurer, fine writer, and all-around good guy, sat in the bar and said hello to folks as they came in, did a panel on reboots that I think went very well, and then hung out in the bar, at the opening Boskone reception and at the SFWA party. I did a lot of socializing, I did. Somewhere along the way I blew out my voice, so this morning I’m being quiet as the proverbial dormouse, since a SFWA business meeting, an interview, a book release party, a panel, a kaffeklatsche, and then an evening event. Yes, Boskone is getting their money’s worth out of me. But I’m having a good time, so I won’t complain. We’ll just see whether or not I’ll have to resort to hand waving by the end of the day.


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