Fuzzy Nation and Agent to the Stars: Audie Nominated

So, here’s some good news for me today (and hey, I can use some good news at the moment): My books Fuzzy Nation and Agent to the Stars have both been nominated for an Audie Award. The Audies are the audiobook equivalent to the Grammys, in that distinction in audiobook achievement is given in many different genres; my two nominations, logically enough, are in the Science Fiction category.

I’m nominated as the author, but the nomination is shared with the audiobook narrator, who in both cases is the same person: Wil Wheaton. Naturally, I’m super-mega-thrilled to be sharing a nomination with Wil. Wil, as it happens, is currently on a boat in the middle of an ocean, and probably isn’t aware he’s been nominated for anything. Won’t that be a surprise for him when he gets back in.

Wil’s actually got a third Audie nomination as well, for narrating part of METAtropolis: Cascadia, which is as most of you know the sequel to METAtropolis, which I edited. I didn’t take part in Cascadia, but my friends Jay Lake, Mary Robinette Kowal, Tobias Buckell, Elizabeth Bear, Karl Schroeder and Ken Scholes did, so I’m thrilled for them also (and for the other narrators on the project as well). They’re nominated in the Original Work category.

Congratulations to everyone nominated. As it happens, the Audie Awards will be taking place on June 5, which just happens to be the release date for Redshirts. That’s going to be a busy day for me, I can tell.

(Also, if you click on the pictures, they will take you to the works’ respective Audible.com pages.)

11 Comments on “Fuzzy Nation and Agent to the Stars: Audie Nominated”

  1. To be honest, you both well deserve this. I bought both audiobooks at audible and oh my god do I love them!

  2. Congrats to you and Wil, and the other nominees. It was a very good year+ in audiobooks. (The “+” because Metatropolis: Cascadia came out in November 2010, and Agent to the Stars in December 2010. The not quite Jan 1 to Dec 31 calendar must surely explain the reason that John Crowley’s wonderful narration of his own Little, Big in December 2011 wasn’t a finalist in the author/narrator category!)

  3. Congratulations to both you and Wil. As you and I discussed in the autograph line at Capricon, I thought Wil did an * outstanding* job on Fuzzy Nation, and I certainly hope you can get him to do Redshirts.

  4. Warmest congratulaions! And, hey – I got one, too! Not up against you, fortunately; we’re in the ORIGINAL WORK category for our “feminist/shtetl/magic realist musical audio drama:” The Witches of Lublin – Collector’s Edition, by Ellen Kushner, Elizabeth Schwartz and Yale Strom, Narrated by Ellen Kushner and a full cast, SueMedia Productions.

    Pleased as could be. O brave new world! Good luck, John (and Wil).

  5. I really liked Wil’s interpretation of _Agent to the Stars_ as well as _The Android’s Dream_. For that matter, I liked his _Ready Player One_ as well. I also would like to see (hear?) him do Redshirts. I have a fairly long commute, I buy quite a bit from Audible.

  6. Majorly awesome!!! Go you! Go Wil! Didn’t know Wil narrated your books, but it seems like the perfect match. Pardon me while I go buy some Scalzi/Wheaton audio books.

  7. That is awesome. I have both of them and have listened to Fuzzy Nation. Very well done, I have to say. My wish is that Wil Wheaton narrate his own books for us. Reading Just a Geek was great, but I’d love to have been able to listen to it while working.

    Again, Bravo to the both of you.

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