Michael Blauser, 1945 – 2012

Mike Blauser is my father-in-law, and this last Saturday he passed away.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this and about him, later, when I’m not up late from travel and when I’ve had time to organize my thoughts. For now I will say that Mike was a man I admired for his honesty and his dignity, for his love of his family and for the deep streak of common sense in his character that I see reflected every day in his daughter, my wife. I was honored to know him and grateful to be part of his family, and proud to be his son-in-law.

We will be spending our week saying goodbye to Mike and remembering the good things about him and his life, so my presence here may be limited over the next several days. I know you’ll understand.

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  1. May his memory be a blessing.

    Sympathy, John. To you, Krissy, and your entire family. May these hours and days carry you gently, gently along the ways of loss, and grief.

  2. My condolences to you and yours. I know how hard and world-shaking it is to lose a parent. Cherishing memories can help. Thinking of you all…

  3. John, I am sorry for your family’s loss. Please pass on my condolences to your family. Times ahead will be hard, but you are all strong and will make it through. Best wishes to you all.


  4. There’s really nothing to say that can ease the sense of loss at a time like this, my condolences to you and your family, remember that you have a large community here that is ready to give you and yours support if you need it.

  5. You, Krissy, Athena & the rest of the family have my deepest sympathy. May the void left by his passing be filled with happy memories.

  6. While I know I may not mean much coming from someone you don’t actually know, I add my condolences on you and your family’s loss and congratulate you on having such a fine family and a wonderful father-in-law to remember. You’re a lucky man.

  7. So sorry to hear this, John. My condolences to you, Krissy, Athena, your mother-in-law, and to everyone else who knew and loved this man.

  8. Adding my condolences to your family. You’ve mentioned before how great your in-laws have been and I know he’ll be missed.

  9. My condolences to you, and to Krissy, and Athena. Losing a family member is so difficult. May you find comfort in being together during this time.

  10. Very sorry to hear of your family’s loss, John, and my sincere condolences to everyone in your family.

  11. I’m sorry for your family’s loss. May his memory be for a blessing, and may you have the strength and comfort you need in the days ahead.

  12. I’m so very sorry. My condolences to your family and all the people who love him.

    Take your time remembering the good things. He looks like there’ll be some great stories to tell when you sit around the firelight, remembering, mourning, celebrating him.

  13. I am sorry for your family’s loss. I have yet to lose a parent and so although I can share the sense of grief at the loss of someone loved, I can only imagine at this point how difficult it must be to say goodbye to a dad. I pray for grace and peace as your wife goes through this process and hope that the week’s to come are filled with many warm and joyful recollections of a life well lived.

  14. My condolences to you, Krissy, and Athena. We lost my mother-in-law last year. These things are never easy.

  15. Sorry to hear of your family’s loss, John. (It does rather explain why you had to leave early– it’s quite understandable, and we were worried.)

    Glad to see you at Boskone as much as we did; you were a tremendously entertaining guest. I saw you at the Reboot panel, the interview-while-being-painted panel, and the 1pm Sunday reading, and you were as amusing as always (going back to our U Chicago days, but most recently at Confluence 2009).

  16. I JUST told the story to someone about when you read him – or let him read – the first chapter of Andriod’s Dream and his reaction. Super funny story. Sorry about the loss.

  17. I’m so sorry John. Losing a parent is hard – My sympathies to you, Krissy and Athena. Take care of yourselves this week and in the coming months.

  18. My condolences to you and your family. He is in a better place. You should believe that for the simple hope that you’ll see him again. Take care and may he rip.

  19. John, Krissy, and Athena, you have my condolences. Very sorry to hear this sad news.
    I’m sure that all your memories of him were good ones. Treasure them (and your pictures) in your minds and hearts.

  20. My condolences to you, Krissy, and Athena. May this difficult time be made a little easier by the concern for all of you that can be found here.

  21. He was much too young to leave us (a year younger than my husband). My condolences — I will hold you all in my heart over the next week as you celebrate his life and mourn his passing.

  22. All my best wishes to Krissy, Athena, and you in this difficult time. May you laugh as much as you cry in the coming days.

  23. Very sorry for your loss and your family’s. Bright blessings for healing and good memories.

  24. Sincerest condolences from across the Atlantic to your famly. May he be well remembered.

  25. You’ve spoken of your in-laws on a few occasions, always with love and gratitude – for creating and raising Krissy; for welcoming you into the family; for continuing to be a strong presence in everyone’s (and esp. Athena’s) lives. My sympathies to the you and your family for losing so vital and strong a member of it.

  26. My condolences, John. It’s a special thing, to have the respect and fondness of an in-law. I never met either of mine. They passed before I had the chance. I am glad you got to know yours, and that it was respectful and copacetic.

  27. John,

    My deepst condolonces. I lost my Mom the week before and am still reelin, so I greatly feel for you and your family. Please know I am sending you all the very best thoughts and wishes

    Take care,

  28. As many other folks have commented, you don’t know us, but be aware that some stranger somewhere is sending good thoughts into the universe on your behalf.

  29. My sympathies to you, and to your family. May the pain of his loss be overtaken in time by the memories of his life, and the sure knowledge that having known him was a great blessing.

  30. Aw, that just sucks. You all have my sympathy. I lost my mother-in-law last year, and I know this pain… grief plus watching your partner and child grieve, too. So, so sorry to all of you.

  31. I’m sorry Krissy has lost her father, you your father-in-law, and Athena her grandpa. :( My thoughts will be with you….

  32. I was at your interview at Boskone on Saturday where you told an anecdote involving your father in law. It sounded like you had a great relationship with him. I’m sorry to hear about your loss.

  33. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Deepest condolences to you and the rest of the family.

  34. Sorry for your loss but glad you were able to share a bit about him with all of us back in November with your Thanksgiving Advent series.

  35. You and your family are in my thoughts. It is a great thing to be remembered with such fondness and love. Celebrate his life.

  36. You’ve spoken of your love for your in-laws several times in the past. I’m so sorry to hear this is why you left Boskone early. I’m thinking of Krissy and all of her family. Many virtual hugs for you all.

  37. My love and condolences to you and your family. Since he raised Krissy, who we know a little through your blog, I am sure he led a full and wonderful life, though that is not as comforting now as it hopefully will be.

  38. My condolences, John, Krissy, and Athena; and to all who grieve at this loss. Virtual hugs to each of you, if they might be a comfort. I lost my father-in-law in 1976, and I suspect I will always miss him. The sharpness of the pain has worn away, but being hit with a dull rock still hurts.

  39. My condolences to you and your family, John. From the fondness and admiration with which you’ve written about your in-laws, I know how he will be missed, and also how his memory and legacy will be carried by you and your family.

  40. My condolences to you and your family for your loss. The world is less for his passing, but judging by Krissy and Athena, we are richer for his being here.

  41. My condolences to you and your family. My thoughts are with you during this time and I hope that your family finds comfort in being together and sharing memories of his life.

  42. I am sorry for your loss. I hope your treasured memories will bring you and your family comfort in this difficult time.

  43. May you, Krissy, and Athena find joy in his memory, despite the sorrow of his loss. You are all in my thoughts.

  44. This is one of those occasions where I always think words fail. My sympathies and condolences on your loss.

  45. My deepest sympathies, for your family and you, and also for your having to learn of this when away from home and family.

  46. My deepest sympathies and empathetic condolences to you, your family, and especially to Krissy.

    My father passed away suddenly 6 years ago. Although the pain from the loss of your father can be terrible, I promise it gets easier to live with. It sounds as if your family is doing the things you need to do: remembering and celebrating his life.

    Again, my deepest sympathies and condolences.

  47. I send my sincerest condolences to your family. I lost my father-in-law to brain cancer last year, and it was a hard experience. It was also a time that brought our family very close, and we got to spend time remember all the great things about him. I hope you get to have many opportunities to do that as well.

  48. John I just saw this. I am so sorry for the loss of your father in law. (i’m writing this from atlanta airport so apologies for my typing)

    From your description he sounds like he was a solid, down to earth Midwesternan. He looks like it.

    And he must have been quite a man to raise a woman like Krissy. I’m sure you’ve done your own eliminations on raising a daughter and the example Krissy’s dad must have set for you. I’m sure his other children and grandchildren (if there are any) get the innumerable benefits of this as well. How wonderful!

    My thoughts and prayers to to your family during this time. It seems like its a sudden death so it’s all the more hard to bear. No doubt your all going through a hard time there. Grieve well and freely in the memory of this man.

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