Daily Archives: February 27, 2012

My Day

Has been spent doing publicity for the Italian release of Old Man’s War, which has meant three e-mail interviews. Question present in each interview: “Hey, isn’t Scalzi an Italian last name? Are you Italian?” Why yes. Yes, I am. Well, Italian-American. Actually, more accurately Italian-English-Irish-French-Dutch-NERD-American. But still. How’s your Monday?

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Outgoing SFWA VP Mary Robinette Kowal Endorses Rachel Swirsky For VP

You may read her reasoning here. I am running unopposed for President (again) (again), but the Vice Presidential race has two candidates, Rachel Swirsky and Lou Antonelli, both of whose candidacy statements SFWA members may see here. As president, I have no doubt that I will happily work with whomever the SFWA members, in their […]

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