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This Evening’s Political/Philosophical Question

So, if Mitt Romney gets a larger share of the popular vote in Michigan’s primary, but due to the state’s apportionment rules, ends up tied with Rick Santorum in the number of delegates he gets from the state, can he actually be said to have won the Michigan state primary? After all, the whole point […]

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The Big Idea: Walter Jon Williams

Walter Jon Williams is thinking about the entertainment media of the future in his latest novel The Fourth Wall, and despite all the technological advances that have been made in entertainment — and are yet to be made — there will still be some things that are constant, for better or worse. What things will […]

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Turkish OMW Cover

That’s a pretty cool cover. It’s for the Turkish edition of Old Man’s War, which is titled Yaşlı Adamın Savaşı, which is pretty much a direct translation of the English-language title as far as I can tell. I don’t know who the artist and cover designer are, but they did a nice job. From what […]

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Oscar and China Thoughts

This week at FilmCritic.com I post my thoughts on the Oscars — and whether I now consider Oscar winners Hugo and Midnight in Paris genre films — and also do a follow up on last week’s thoughts on China and sf/f film production. It’s gripping stuff, the sort of thing you read only once in […]

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Cudo Stupidity Followup

Regarding that oblivious Australian online retailer Cudo, co-owned by Microsoft and Channel Nine, that offered a cheap reader bundled with a CD full of hot, piping stack of copyright violations, it looks like there’s some positive movement. Here’s a nice piece on the matter from The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian newspaper (disclosure: I was […]

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