Turkish OMW Cover

That’s a pretty cool cover. It’s for the Turkish edition of Old Man’s War, which is titled Yaşlı Adamın Savaşı, which is pretty much a direct translation of the English-language title as far as I can tell. I don’t know who the artist and cover designer are, but they did a nice job.

From what I can tell from the Google translation of this page, the book will be available in Turkey starting the first week of March, which technically is… tomorrow? Or perhaps next Monday? In either case, it’s not too long now.

A tip of the hat to Whatever reader Baris bey, who brought the cover to my attention. Thank you!

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  1. Nice and woodblockish, but at the same time, implies outer-space (other than the nebula image on the border, I mean). Interesting choice of font too.

  2. Hey! That’s really cool, now Turkish readers can be introduced to this super fun book. Here’s hoping it catches on like wildfire and is soon transformed into a ‘dizi’ (Turkish TV shows are immensely popular both in Turkey and in the Middle East).

  3. Somehow I doubt that the CDF uniform helmet resembles a WWII infantry helmet, but that’s soooo quibbly. It’s attractive and reasonably representative. Way better than spaceships that are shooting lasers (which I’m sure you’ll write, just after The Shadow War of the Night Dragons).

  4. Hi! We happy now! As soon as the book printing. Will be distributed in a few days. The reviews written about the book. Ethem Onur Bilgiç (HINK Agency) design has made the cover of the book. You can see other work in http://www.whatisthehink.com/ this link.

    However, some changes have taken place on the cover. You can see at cover’s final version: http://i363.photobucket.com/albums/oo79/kayiprihtim/yasli-adamin-savasi.jpg

    We are all excitedly look forward to reading this book! We hope you will come to Turkey to give a signature :)

  5. That looks like some gritty WWI trench warfare type story.

    What happened to the thread with the OMW cover with the Tie Fighters on it?
    Maybe I’m running a deficit of caffeine this morning.

  6. @Greg: When I first saw the cover I also thought of a World War 1 theme. Something reminiscent of “All’s Quiet on the Western Front,” I thought to myself. But after taking a closer look at it it does seem like science fiction to me. I haven’t read the book yet, picking it up tomorrow, but here’s hoping the best John!

  7. I’m tempted to go back and study Turkish some more. The lack of anything I really wanted to read was what stopped me last time. The language itself is fascinating. It’s got a special verb form for “tell the servants to do X,” but all I had to use it on was a collection of childrens’ “Nasreddin Hoça” stories.

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