24 Frames Into the Future: Now for Sale via NESFA Press

Most of you know that my latest non-fiction book, 24 Frames into the Future: Scalzi on Science Fiction Film, debuted a couple of weekends ago at the Boskone science fiction convention, and that if you were there, you could pick up a copy. But what if you weren’t there? How can you get a copy of this highly desirable — and considering its run of less than 1,200 copies, highly collectable — book?

Right now, the best way is through its publisher, NESFA Press. Here’s the order page for the book. It’s available both as regular trade and also in a boxed version. Both versions are very nice; NESFA did a fine job putting this book together, and it’s a book I’m proud of.

To answer anticipated questions: No, I don’t know about its availability online via Amazon/Barnes & Noble/other online resllers. Amazon has a bare-bones page about it but says it’s out of stock. Likewise, some specialty SF/F stores may be stocking it but if you want to get it from your local bookstore the best way would be to special order it; don’t worry, most booksellers will be happy to do that for you. No, I don’t know about its availability in countries other than the US; talk to NESFA Press about shipping to your country. No, there is currently no electronic edition available; that may change eventually, but for right now it’s physical copies only.


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  1. Is this the something that you knew but we didn’t know and you knew that we didn’t know but we didn’t know you knew until you said you knew?

  2. My Scalzi shelf continues to expand. I really like these pictures where you show the stacks of books in your office. Lets me know I’m not the only one. I really need to organize my collection sometime.

  3. Interesting so the NESFA Press order page makes it seem like this book was done specifically for Boskone. Is it normal that the writer GOH does some sort of book for that convention?

    Also I’m curious could you tell us how many pages are in the book? I think you mentioned in the past that it was a collection of your AMC columns. Is it just from the past year or does it go further back than that?

  4. Craig – Thanks I did look at that page but I don’t know how I missed the number of pages as it is pretty obvious.

  5. Jason, yes, there’s often/usually a Boskone GoH book published by NESFA Press. The covers traditionally feature the artwork of Boskone’s Official Artist for the same year. Recent past titles include Scratch Monkey by Charles Stross with cover by Gregory Manchess and Lifelode by Jo Walton with a cover using art by Stephan Martiniere. In 2010, we also published Sybils and Spaceships, a poetry chapbook by Jo Walton.

    We’re delighted to have published 24 Frames Into the Future with its cover by Daniel Dos Santos in honor of John’s and Dan’s presence at Boskone 49.

    Borrowing from the description on another page of the website, NESFA Press primarily produces three types of books:
    • Books honoring the guest(s) of honor at our annual convention, Boskone, and at some Worldcons and other conventions.
    • Books in the NESFA’s Choice series, which bring back into print the works of deserving classic SF writers such as James Schmitz, Cordwainer Smith, C. M. Kornbluth, and Zenna Henderson.
    • Reference books of science fiction and science fiction fandom.

  6. Geri – Thanks for the information. I have to be honest I think the concept of producing a book by the writer GoH with cover art done by the Guest Artist is a very cool one. I’ll have to pay more attention to that in future years.

  7. Ordered my copy!

    The PayPal link didn’t work for me (page went blank and stopped loading), so I pulled out my credit card, which worked just fine.

  8. @Aerik and others

    I had the same problem with the PayPal link. Ended up using my CC as well.

  9. My copy arrived today. W00t!! I just skimmed the contents and I will be diving in right in after dinner.

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