That’s Eight

Maryland governor Martin O’Malley signs same-sex marriage into law. Well done him. Well done, Maryland.

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  1. Yay. Now let’s hope we don’t have a repeat of the Prop 8 drama and it stays the law once it takes effect in 2013.

  2. How’s your marriage doing, Mr. Scalzi? Still hale, hearty and yet to be assaulted by a mob of married homosexuals would be my guess.

  3. You know, it’s no joke that every time a new state passes same sex marriage, I ask my wife “HOW IS OUR MARRIAGE?” She used to think it was cute, but I secretly think she’s dreading having to do it 42 more times.

  4. Cheers, MD! My state (NC) legislature went the other way, putting minority civil rights on the majority vote ballot as an anti-gay constitutional amendment, which will be voted on during the Republican primaries. Still hopeful it will be defeated, though as gay marriage is already prohibited explicitly here, it won’t change that either way.

  5. Just checked with my wife. Nope. Marriage still not threatened. Previous marriages were done in by straight people.

    Damn you, heterosexuals! Damn you!

  6. Sadly, churches in Maryland are already lining up against this and pushing to get it on the next ballot. Hopefully, the voters of Maryland will not fall for the religious freedom lie. Current polling does show support for marriage equality but it always depends who gets out to vote.

  7. As a married Marylander, I couldn’t be more thrilled. My husband and I crossed the border into the District to pay our licensing fees someplace where everyone’s money is welcome, but the fact remains that we are a part of an institution to which others are barred entry. And as someone who just as easily could have found myself exchanging vows with a woman, I feel that inequity a little more keenly than most women married to men will.

    There’s going to be a fight over this. I’m sad to see that it’s already being framed as “gays vs. the black church.” The whole “Blacks are uniquely homophobic” meme really needs to die a swift death. Yesterday would be soon enough for my taste.

  8. Oh great. You realize that a small piece of California just sunk into the Pacific, right?

    Sure, it was only about a cubic foot of sand for the entire coastline that got washed out to sea, but still…

    Oh, and congrats Maryland….ites? hm, that doesn’t sound right.

  9. Well done, Maryland.

    This is one of the few subjects about which California embarrasses me. We’re gettin’ there, though.

  10. I was at a high school sporting event last week end in a very blue collar small town. A row of jock, letter jackets & all sat down in front of us. One leaned over & gave a little ‘love bite’ to the arm of the guy next to him. I was sort of surprised given the community but though it might just be a thing. Then, during the game he put his arm around the other guy & pulled him into his side. I would have expected the crowd to be on the redneck side (my prejudice I know but this is a very roughneck town, pickup truck drivin, meat raffle at the bar kinda place) and was pleased they felt they could be so openly affectionate without fear of physical assault.

    If the wingnuts have lost this demographic they have lost forever. Love may rule the stars yet.

  11. @Sam M-B I just moved into the state, and made extra-special sure at the DMV that my voter registration will be effective in time for the primaries so I can vote against the amendment.

    I can’t think why the legislature stuck it on the primary calendar. Usually that sort of thing goes on the ballot in the general election to increase turnout among conservatives; are they trying to motivate evangelicals into the primary booths to hamstring Romney? Dirty pool either way, but at least with Perdue deciding not to run for re-election there’s a high-visibility primary race to be decided on the Democratic side.

  12. We of Massachusetts would like to extend a most sincere welcome to Maryland! You have joined us in a club that gets better as it becomes less exclusive.

  13. I’m glad that the religious zealots in my county (Prince George’s) weren’t able to ruin the passage this time around. Time to get REALLY LOUD in support of my gay friends.

    My 14-year marriage remains solid, too. Whaddya know!

    Marylander, Prince Georgian.

  14. I dunno. I live in Baltimore and am trying to plan a wedding. Everything is so freakin expensive. Hiring folks to design flower arrangements, apply make up, style hair, design invites… THIS MUST BE WHAT THE PROP 8’rs WERE TALKING ABOUT.

  15. The Republican majorities in our legislature are so worried that we’re going to have to recognize the gay marriages from other states, and that the courts are going to strike down the existing DOMA law, they’re trying to add a DOMA amendment to the constitution. I so very much hope that it gets voted down by a large majority.

    My wife tells me that we’re probably going to have to get divorced though if a few more states ruin marriage by letting just anyone do it.

  16. Late to the party again, but kinda proud of my state – it’s about time we were known for something decent. Then again, with the push to get this on the ballot, I agree with the guy that said It’s a Right, Rights Should Not be Voted on.

    Then I think about the fact that the 19th Amendment had to be voted on. Sigh.

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