The Sky, Morning and Afternoon

This is what the sky looked like in my world this morning:

This is what it looked like this afternoon:

Not a bad dynamic range, I’d say.

13 Comments on “The Sky, Morning and Afternoon”

  1. Oh yeah? Well I got to watch the metamorphosis of a slight drizzle to a blizzard just outside my window. In a matter of five minutes. My world was all green and slushy, but now it’s white and pure.
    Now THAT was pretty awesome.

  2. Aw. No double rainbow all the way across the sky. I’d demand a refund from mistress spring.

    P.s. Glad you are safe!

  3. No, I’d say not! That is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy your day! And the fresh air, of which I am slightly jealous right now. =)

  4. and somewhere between those two weather fronts tornadoes are kicking Kentucky’s ass.

  5. I’m so jealous of your yard, I’d be hitting golf balls out there alllll day.

  6. When I build my orbital satellite death ray, I’m sure as hell going to make the ray look like a rainbow. No one for miles around the target will be any the wiser.

  7. And you didn’t have to build an ark in between to get from “A” to “B”!

  8. I work on the west side of Cincinnati, live on the east side. Guy sitting next to me lives in Harrison and drove home right about the time someone said a tornado touched down there.

    My drive was pretty much a yawner when I cleared downtown, but it sure as hell looked like the Apocalypse across the river in Kentucky. From what I’ve heard, that’s about what it was.

  9. Does the second pic indicate that the GOP primaries (and convention) are finally done with, or did I not hibernate long enough?

  10. I find myself in Duluth MN today, The sky was lead gray under a hard snow when I awoke at 6 & still is 9 hours later. The whole city looks like a white wedding cake & getting around by car (Duluth being a city hillier than San Francisco) is nearly impossible. Can’t do much more than sit back & enjoy the view, such as it is.

  11. Over here in Central Virginia, I woke up to fluffy snow starting to cover the ground. By noon we had 8-10 inches, but it had stopped and the sun had come out. By now, it’s melted down to here-and-there. My comment over at ML was “My, the seasons come and go so quickly here!”

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