What Does a SFWA Election Ballot Look Like?

It looks like this. This is the one that was sent to me in the mail the other day; most SFWA members should have likewise received theirs in the mail in the last couple of days (or will receive it in the next few). As noted earlier I am again running for President, and am doing so unopposed, although other positions, including VP, are contested. All the candidate position statements are in the mailing and on the SFWA private forums, although for the curious (and the SFWA members who don’t always read what’s in the ballot mailing and/or visit the private forums), the VP candidates have posted their statements on the Web. Rachel Swirsky has posted hers here; Lou Antonelli has posted his here.

If you’re a SFWA member, you should vote; remember that these will be the people who will steer the organization for the next year at least. Make sure they align with what you want the organization to be and do. I thank you in advance.

(As per usual with SFWA-related posts, comments on this one are turned off)

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