I’m Doing a Library Event in Bradford, March 31

So, this would have been high on the list of Things I Was Not Expecting To See when I drove into my local library to drop off a copy of 24 Frames Into the Future for their collection:

However, it did remind me to let those of you in the area know that I’ll be doing an event at the Bradford Public Library, here in my hometown of Bradford, Ohio, on Saturday, March 31. It’ll be a morning event — it starts at 10:30 am — but that just means you’ll have a spring in your step for the whole rest of the day. I’ll be talking about the life of the writer, doing a reading, and also be signing copies of the soon-to-be-released paperback editions of Fuzzy Nation, among other books folks would like me to sign. The library site promises that “Space Refreshments” will be served, and of course those are the best kind of refreshments. Ever.

The event is free and open to the public, including folks who are not from Bradford. So if you’re from Troy, Piqua, Greenville, Versailles, Tipp City — heck, from anywhere in the entire Miami Valley! — come on down and see my library, and me. We’ll have fun.


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  1. You’re a famous writer, really?!

    I thought you were famous for taping bacon to a cat? :)

  2. You sure you want to encourage any of us goofballs to come that close to your house? At least you don’t have any holiday that is easily connected to your books, like Stephen King does with Halloween.

  3. Actually one of my coffee group friends gave me an article from the local paper yesterday…I plan on making the event…Go Local Libraries!!!!

  4. Ron Mitchell:

    Coming to my hometown is perfectly fine. Coming up my driveway? Not so much. As long as everyone understands the distinction between the two, we’ll be fine. And for those who don’t, well, Athena can use the archery practice.

  5. I’m sorry, but what is it in your hand on the banner? I cannot seem to make it out. Might be a shoe, might be a shoe-phone, might be something even more deadly dangerous.

  6. Yeah, it was an amusing thought when I had it, but I posted before the following thought of the incredibly inconsiderate pain in the butt it would be for you and your family came to mind. I’d never do it, hell there are friends I’ve had for twenty years and more and we don’t get together without planning it in advance. So, I apologize if even hinting at it upset you, and I hope i don’t inadvertantly inspire any freaks.

  7. The library site promises that “Space Refreshments” will be served, and of course those are the best kind of refreshments.

    But what if the patrons are the “Space Refreshments”?

  8. The only “Space Refreshment” I can think of is “Tang” & I’m not sure they even make it any more?

  9. RE: people stopping by your house to visit and the timing for the library event.

    John –
    Did you expect employed people to show up at 10:30? If not what do you expect the unemployed to do with the rest of their day 8-{D

  10. You left out my hometown of Trotwood!

    Hum, Spring in Ohio with a nice drive on the back roads and through the farming communities from Columbus to Bradford just as the world is turning green. I may have to take a little driving vacation to visit the Bradford library and meet you.

  11. Versailles! Home of Poultry Days and the Jeff Warrick Ultimate Classic, where you want your last game of the day to be upwind of the grills. (Otherwise you’re going to have already overworked lungs full of tiny smoky pieces of burning chicken fat.)

    In short, it’s a great tournament; thanks for reminding me of my ultimate frisbee playing days…

  12. Holy ego tickling bannery, Scalzi!

    That has to one of the loveliest things you can see in your hometown.

  13. I thought I’d jump start my writing career by taping bacon to the dog. The dog ate the bacon, and my wife casually commented I was free to move back to my old condo at anytime.

    Guess I’ll have to finish a new novel at some point.

  14. Someone needs to make a banner of this post and thread, and bring it to the event. Because something this self-referential needs to be continued to the point of utter absurdity…

  15. Thank you for supporting your local libraries. The more authors follow your example, the better our children’s futures.

    I’d love to stop by, but I think a 1,200 mi drive is slightly outside my time budget.

  16. Yay for libraries! Also, that’s the picture someone should attach to your Wikipedia entry, it’s newer than the current one, no?

  17. *sniffle* That? almost makes me wish I lived within driving distance. :)

    (This Saturday, the local library celebrates its 50th anniversary. There will be cake. I will be there. That place is *amazing* – especially the amount of current SF&F in the collection. For someone on fixed income, well, there really aren’t enough superlatives in the language…)

  18. Please say they’re having freeze dried ice cream? I can’t be there, but I’d like to imagine someone getting that tasty treat.

  19. Why do they always pick the picture of you looking thoughtful and intellectually and never the one of you spazzed out on waaaay too much Coke Zero?

  20. scorpius: because they want people to come and listen instead of grabbing up their kids and fleeing in terror?

  21. If you get a monopod and set your camera to use the built in timer function, you could take pictures of yourself without the camera in the shot. Just a thought.

  22. …heck, from anywhere in the entire Miami Valley! — come on down and see my library, and me.
    Since Bradford is in the northern Miami Valley, most of us Miami Valleyians would have to come up to see you. :-P

  23. Will there be an interpretive dance, or the operatic rendition? The answer will help me decide if I can afford the &*($%&# gas price of the trip.

  24. As one of Scrooge’s colleagues said of Scrooge’s funeral: “I’ll go if lunch is provided.”
    I think “Space Refreshments” is close enough. ;-)

  25. Jennifer, an ‘Alabama breakfast’ is an RC cola & a Moon Pie. My ex-girlfriend from florida told me that. And contrary to what Manhattanites believe, Alabama is still not considered Outer Space.

  26. Mr. Scalzi, I understand your wish, not to have fans show up at your door. I work for Publishers Clearinghouse and was scheduled to drop by with a check. Due to our respect for your privacy, we have decided to award the prize to the next person on the list.

    I have always wanted to visit Albuquerque NM.

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