Daily Archives: March 19, 2012

Spring is Here, Spring is Here

The bees wish to inform you that Spring has commenced. They may be ever so early (the Vernal Equinox is actually tomorrow at 1:14 am Eastern time), but that’s bees for you. Industrious as heck, they are. I suggest listening to them.

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Reader Request Week 2012 #2: Would I Lie to You?

The next Reader Request question, from Brian H., in e-mail, who asks: Do you lie? Do you lie often? Do you regret lying? The answers: Yes of course; define “often”; no, not usually. The “yes, of course,” is because everyone lies and I don’t pretend I’m the exception to the rule. The “define ‘often’” answer […]

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Reader Request Week 2012 #1: Snark and Insult

Let’s go ahead and get Reader Request Week started, shall we? To begin, this question from SMQ: You have a well-earned reputation for snark and the art of the thought-out-but-blistering retort, but unlike many you usually seem to avoid crossing the line too far into personal attacks (and are even quick to mallet those who […]

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