And Now the Reverse Angle

Sunrise, March 21. And the predicted high for the first full day of spring? 83 degrees. Wheeee!

11 Comments on “And Now the Reverse Angle”

  1. 83. Nice! It’s gonna get a whopping 73 here in San Antone today. But the rest of the week will be in the 80’s.

    Happy Spring!

  2. A sunset and a sunrise photo! I have to say I’m enjoying the beautiful weather here in Michigan. 60 right now and it’s supposed to get up to 83 also.

    Happy Spring!

  3. Wistful sigh from Manchester, England, where we are forecast a high of 52 degrees….

  4. The temperature in Winnipeg hit 25 C (about 75F iirc) on the weekend and one of my kids was complaining it was too warm. Probably my fault for using a/c so much when he was younger.

  5. What kind of camera do you use? Gorgeous colours . . .
    You mentioned in an earlier post that you use photo software. Did you use it for these two sunset and sunset pics? Just wondering . . .

  6. The predicted high for the 21st in Lansing, Michigan, was 86, which I think it hit. The high for the 21st in Dubai was also 86. That freaks me out not just a little.

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