Hey, Wanna Picture of a Dog?

Well, then. Here you go. Enjoy it.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

28 replies on “Hey, Wanna Picture of a Dog?”

Oh, she’s a puddy-wuddy-puppy-wuppy!!!

Ahem. What a lovely mixed breed animal.


>Want a picture of….

Oh, hell yes. Thank you.

I’ve been reading comments on a different article that you,
JS, moderated and I thank you for this pic, and except for
my saying that I’ve nothing to say I’ve nothing to say about
to many of the commenters.
Note to self: plan to find out if person has a picture book I
can buy.


Also…wow. Is the grass in Ohio really that green right now? Instead of being insanely jealous, I will console myself with the thought that you will have to mow your lawn before I do.

Cold (literally) comfort.

Considering how good the soil and grass can smell to my own pitiful human nose, and how exceedingly stronger a dog’s sense of smell is in comparison, and the chilled out, spaced out look in her eyes… could she be imbibing in the doggy version of ‘grass’? Ahhhh, the best stuff.

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