Zeus, Apparently Stoned, Comments on My New Tech


“Whoa, dude, is that your new phone? Looks pretty rad, man. Hey, got any ‘nip? I could totally go for some right about now.”

In other news, yes, I got a new phone: a Galaxy Nexus. And yes, so far it’s pretty cool. More later, but right now I have to keep a certain cat from eating all the Doritos in the house.

29 Comments on “Zeus, Apparently Stoned, Comments on My New Tech”

  1. Are you switching from another android phone or an iPhone (or something else)?
    I have an android phone myself. I like the openness and ability to root and get different flavors of android, but I understand the appeal of the iPhone too, since I have an iPad. They just feel so solid.

  2. Nice cat ! To eat all the Doritos, hes gotta get back inside the house. Do you have a doggie / cat door ?

    We have a medium sized doggie door and the cocker spaniel / two cats love it. The cats use it 20 times a day. However, I am hearing that one has never lived until a raccoon comes inside your house using the doggie door.

  3. Nice phone! Congrats! I am waiting for that one to become available on Sprint…so I am INCREDIBLY jealous of you right now! Now, I have three words for you which will change your life….Super Monkey Ball! Go download now…but not if you have any work to do for the next couple days!

  4. For some reason, I’m hearing Zeus speaking with Matthew McConaughey’s voice right now.

    Does he ever play the bongos? It would be a lot cooler if he did.

  5. Not to nitpick (inc nitpick) but you appear to be missing a keep from the last line of that.

  6. I could compete on the dog pic, but I have no cats. I used to, but my wife is allergic so when she moved in the cats moved out.

    So, you win this round. Nice cat!

  7. Yaaaay! John wants us to pick a verb for him!

    I have to ____ a cat from eating all the doritos in the house.

    Damn that ‘from’ – it’s restricting all the fun choices. But my favourite verb is ‘adumbrate’.

  8. Adumbrate won’t work. Need to be more firm and definitive to stop a cat from food consumption.

    Would work with a dog, though. Some dogs, at least.

    (And no, I didn’t know it, I had to look it up…)

  9. I was going to suggest ‘regurgitate,’ but a) that’s disgusting, and b) it may change the meaning of the sentence, some.

  10. Cute cat. My daughter keeps saying that he looks a lot like a cat we have.

    I’ve always thought that was the face that is translated “No press” or “No comment”. Usually followed by claw to the nearest human body part.

  11. I know that look. If you’re lucky you’re vertical when you see that face, otherwise you need to haul ass out of bed NOW and fill the food dish. You have 3 seconds and there will be no second chance.

  12. (3rd try here, wow that log in glitch thing is annoying…)

    I have a Galaxy Nexus, it’s awesome in many ways, but many of your favorite apps may not play well with it — they haven’t been updated to deal with Ice Cream Sandwich yet. However the app store will let you download and install these apps (looking at YOU, Hulu Plus), even though they will not function or otherwise cause glitches and crashes. Good luck with the learning curve! ;-)

  13. Looks my “Chuck”. A reserved, self-confident cat who had the audacity to die too soon.

  14. Cute cat! I have a Galaxy Nexus as well (and also a Mini Cooper – are we the same person?) and I love it. Would be interested in knowing your take on the phone. The voice recognition feature works especially well, I find (I wonder why they don’t advertise for it the way iPhone advertises “Suri”) and I really like the way they put some of the basic settings — message notifications, turning data on and off, etc. — right up front. Only negative: plants vs. zombies does not work!

  15. Another Galaxy Nexus owner here. Being a phone nerd, I rooted it and installed a popular ROM on it. For the other Android fans out there, it’s the Android Open KANG Project (AOKP), which has a ton of neat performance tweaks features that the stock ROM doesn’t, like weather and toggles in the notification bar/pulldown on the top.

  16. I had a cat growing up that ACTUALLY ATE DORITOS. Well, she licked the seasoning off of the chips, anyway. But we would actually give her a couple of the chips.

  17. I agree with others that say that’s not a stoned cat. That’s a cat thinking “Get that phone out of my face in two seconds or you’ll find a mouse head in your bed tomorrow morning. [Hey, a horse’s head is bigger than I am.]”

  18. You are a dirty nosed gato…..

    Nip Nip the green little leaf

    the more I nip the less i grief

    at this point a cat crooked smile should appear.

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