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Sunset, 3/24/12


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And Now, the Taiwanese Cover to Old Man’s War

Because didn’t you want to see it? Even if you didn’t know it existed? Sure you you did. If you happen to live in Taiwan, you’ll be able to get this on the 30th. That’s soon!

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The New Phone

I noted on Twitter the other day that I had upgraded my phone from my Droid X to a Galaxy Nexus, which precipitated a rash of queries about the phone and what I thought of it (and also of Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest iteration of the Android OS). Because I cannot refuse you all […]

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Reader Request Week 2012 #9: Writery Short Bits

You all asked writer-related questions this week; here’s a compendium of short responses. Madely: Comics books: Do you read them, or if not did you used to read them? Any favourites? And would you ever think of writing some? I like comics generally although at the moment I’m not reading any; my big comics-reading years were […]

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