Sunset, 3/24/12


7 Comments on “Sunset, 3/24/12”

  1. I had a very nice sunset too. It was HD, perhaps even retina class. I could not see any pixilation and the color saturation was excellent. I hope they render another one tomorrow, just like it.

  2. Lovely.
    (and warmer than usual, correct?)
    We’re enjoying cool rainy weather here in the SFBay area.

  3. s/enjoying/blessed with/

    Just discovered how watertight my shoes aren’t, so consider the enjoyment optional.

  4. Nice, here’s a tip from Space Weather about tonight and tomorrow night.
    SUNSET SKY SHOW: A month ago, Venus, Jupiter and the crescent Moon aligned beautifully for evening sky watchers around the world. Tonight it’s happening again. On March 25th and 26th, the three will form a bright celestial triangle in the western sky at sunset. Check for photos and observing tips.

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