Redshirts ARC Giveaway at My Bradford Library Event This Saturday

Just a reminder to folks that this Saturday morning I’ll be doing an event at the Bradford Public Library, where I’ll be talking about the life of a writer, reading from some upcoming work and enjoying “Space Refreshments,” as they’ve described them (Tribble on a stick! Mmmmm.). The event is not just for Bradfordites; anyone can come by and say hello, so if you’re in somewhere near the area, why not show up?

To sweeten the deal, and to reward people who actually get up to be in Bradford at 10:30 am on a Saturday morning, I’m going to give away an Advance Reader’s Copy of Redshirts, my novel that will come out this June. We’ll put names in a hat or have a quiz or something to give it away. I’ll even sign it. Even if you don’t win that, I believe copies of the Fuzzy Nation paperback will be on hand for the signing.

So remember: This Saturday, starting at 10:30 am, Bradford Public Library. See you there.

15 Comments on “Redshirts ARC Giveaway at My Bradford Library Event This Saturday”

  1. I hope no local politician tries to use this as fuel for their ‘anti-arts’ campaign like one Minnesota Congressional ‘leader’ did when Neil Gaiman appeared at one local library there.

  2. Inasmuch as I am not billing the Bradford Library for my appearance on the grounds that it is my local library, I don’t see this as a potential issue.

  3. @ John:

    You are presuming a measure of rationality not generally in evidence.

    That said, you’re *probably* safe.

  4. OK, teleporting to Bradford now. *closes eyes tightly* Gnnnnnn!!!

    *crickets chirp*


  5. My ARC of redshirts arrived yesterday, (won in the con or bust auction – and thanks John for signing it so quickly), and I’m 200 pages in and loving it!

    Won’t say more about it as it would be neither polite nor fair, but YOU MUST ALL BUY THIS BOOK – as soon as you can that is.

    insert smug laughter

  6. Wait for tomorrow, Xopher!

    If you got there now, you’d have to find somewhere to stay overnight…

  7. Actually @dystopia it was a set up, she was primed and told to hold the book by the edges as if she *knew* how to hold a book. We all know that kids her age only use e-readers! (In case of doubt, I am kidding here.)

    If I lived close enough to consider going to this, I think I would.

  8. “Tribbles onna stick – the self-replenishing snack!” “Tribbles onna stick – EAT! MORE! QUICKLY!” I don’t know why my imagination decided to latch onto the marketing slogans for such a thing, but rest assured I TOTALLY BLAME YOU, Scalzi.

  9. I do plan to be there, and after reading the preview of Redshirts at, I have every intention of walking away with the ARC you’re giving away.

  10. Google Maps tells me that it’s a 3 hour drive to Bradford. It is physically impossible for me to be up and on the road early enough to get to the library by 10:30 AM. :( I suppose I could just drive there after I get off work @ midnight, arriving about 3:30 AM to nap for a few hours in my car and stagger in at 10:30. (The zombie-like mutterings of COFFEE…COOOOFFFFEEEE… would be a good clue that it’s me.)

    Ah well, I hope you have a good turnout. I’m sure that I’d enjoy it if I were able to come.

  11. Google Maps tells me that it’s about a 3 hour drive to Bradford. It’s physically impossible for me to get up early enough to get there by 10:30 AM. I suppose I could just drive there after I get off work at midnight. I would arrive around 3:30 and nap in my car, then stagger in around 10:30 like a zombie moaning COFFEE… COOOFFFEEEE….

    Ah well, I hope you have a good turnout. I’ll be with you in spirit.

  12. Oops, didn’t see that my comment had posted and re wrote it. Please just delete the duplicate and this one, if you wish.

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