Daily Archives: March 27, 2012

Bud Webster: Recipient of the 2012 Service to SFWA Award

From our press release: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America would like to award Clarence Howard ‘Bud’ Webster the 2012 Service to SFWA Award for his outstanding work on behalf of the organization. Bud has had a long history in the science fiction and fantasy community. He is a contributing editor and columnist […]

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The Big Idea: Anne Lyle

Alternate histories are popular, and they’re fun to write. But for the author of such works, there is the occupational hazard of reimagining the world in a way it’s been reimagined before — discovering that you’re not the trailblazer you thought you might be. When Anne Lyle sought to have Europeans discover the New World […]

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Today is Fuzzy Nation Paperback Release Day!

Here’s Papa Fuzzy, proudly showing off the paperback edition of Fuzzy Nation, which is available here in the US and Canada now now now now. You can tell he’s mightily pleased that book is now available in a compact, travel-friendly yet physical format. And if you pick up the paperback, there’s something special at the […]

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Redshirts Sneak Preview at Tor.com

The headline says it all: If you go over to Tor.com — and register there — you can read the first couple of chapters of Redshirts, to whet your appetite for the full release on June 5. If you’ve seen me on tour in the last year you’ve heard me read the prologue; now here’s […]

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