Ask Papa Fuzzy Anything: Fur, Ewoks, Immigration, Hands

And now, without further ado, the first batch of answers from Papa Fuzzy:

First, a question about fur:

And now, thoughts on Ewoks:

Ruminations on immigration:

Finally, a curious question about hands:

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11 Comments on “Ask Papa Fuzzy Anything: Fur, Ewoks, Immigration, Hands”

  1. Very nice interview so far.

    So Papa Fuzzy has a Visa does he? What about Mastercard or American Express, or some sort of Galactic card – Starcred? Universal Exchange? What about an ATM card, such as Star Cash?

  2. Poppa Fuzzy: That question about hands may be a reference to Yoda’s line from the Empire Strikes Back outtakes: “Talk like me you would if Frank Oz’s hand up your behind you had!” But, since you aren’t a puppet in a movie, it was an inappropriate question, and I apologize on behalf of our entire species for it.

  3. John, you may not have noticed this, but through an accident of camera angle you, the interviewer, are not in shot as Papa Fuzzy answers the questions. I guess you’ll have to re-shoot and fix this aesthetic problem.

  4. Poppa Fuzzy: Would it be possible for Scalzi to talk while you drink a glass of water?

  5. Pappy Fuzzy, you are right. I jumped to conclusions about your immigration status. I’m sorry about my knee-jerk reaction. And my fear-based anthropocentrism. You’ve exposed my discriminatory speciesism tendencies and I will attempt to do better. I’m sure you have a good reason to work in the US and are not deceiving us. I’m sure we can trust you. I’m sure you fall under one of the 40 enumerated categories which makes an alien eligible for employment under the EAD (work permit) provisions for the in the United States. I’m sure that gravelly Texan voice is naturally folksy, and not trying to lure us into a false sense of security. I’m sure we have nothing to fear. And.. I… uh… OMG hide from this ungodly creature! LONG LIVE OUR SPECIES!

  6. Poppa Fuzzy: Since you’re obviously staying in the Scalzi household, you’ve obviously met Daisy, Ghlaghghee, and Zeus. I’ll bet that you’re already fast friends with Daisy due to her being a dog (and you’ve already shown a knack to bond with dogs). But how are you doing with Ghlaghghee and Zeus?

  7. Papa Fuzzy,

    According to Rebel denialists, the Apocalypse of Endor from Death Star debris is not canonicalnot canon is ungrammatical.

    Lemuel Gulliver,
    Ewok Holocaust Memorial, Asst. Curator

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