Redshirts Sneak Preview at

The headline says it all: If you go over to — and register there — you can read the first couple of chapters of Redshirts, to whet your appetite for the full release on June 5.

If you’ve seen me on tour in the last year you’ve heard me read the prologue; now here’s a chance to catch a little bit more of the book. Enjoy!

(Just remember you have to register at to see the preview. Oh, go on. It’s worth it.)

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  1. [Deleted because fishing on the author’s site for significant plot details of a book that’s not out for another two months is kind of bad form — JS]

  2. I hope you don’t mind that I posted a link to this page on Facebook. TOR has never pub;lished anything of mine, so there’s no conflict of interest in my telling folks to register with to see the preview of Redshirts.

  3. With regard to the comment I deleted above, I’ll note that I don’t think Russell was being intentionally rude or anything; I think he was innocently asking a question. However, asking me questions about the plot details of this book is a little like asking the author of a mystery, “so, is it the cop who was the killer all along?” before the book comes out, i.e., not only is the author not going to tell you, but even any hinting one way or another could constitute spoilerage.

    So please, let’s be sensible about this stuff, okay?

  4. Looks like a great deal of fun; definitely on my purchase list. (Which will make this the first book of yours that I will have read, John. Oddly, I’m a Whatever reader, and I’ve read The God Engines, but still haven’t gotten around to, um, any of the others.)

  5. Colleen:
    I’d guess you’re like me; long list of books to read and limited reading time. It took me a while to get started on John’s books too, but once I read Agent to the Stars, the rest of his books moved to the top of my reading list.

    Regarding my first comment: I didn’t make it to my lunch break before reading the excerpt. I was too excited to read more after hearing John read the prologue on the Fuzzy Nation tour last year. At least I looked vaguely busy.

  6. I gather that converting books from one format to another is a process fraught with peril, so hopefully it’s just a web page glitch, but is “It was very odd that all that detail about Abernathy pop into his head” missing something like a “should”?

  7. Apologies. Didn’t actually expect you to tell me, it was meant to be more of a rhetorical question than anything. Should’ve phrased it more along the lines of “sounds like a [Plot speculation redacted]” Sorry if I offended anyone.

  8. You’re awfully good at making me laugh at things I normally wouldn’t and/or probably shouldn’t. Well played, Sir.

  9. New Scalzi! Yay! Pricing info not available in Kindle store, no pre-order info either? Boo! I like what I’ve read, and I want more. Please? JS, do you have any input into the “when will it go to the Kindle store (or other e-format)” decision process?

  10. So waiting for Wil to make the audio book of this, and that from just chapter 1. John, you got me twice on this one, book and audio.

  11. I suspect this has been addressed somewhere else before but do not see it. In reading the blurb for the book it sounds like it tied to the Star Trek universe without giving credit to or openly being considered part of that mythos. Am I missing something here?

  12. Yes, it is tied to Star Trek universe without being openly advertised as such? Or that it is addressed somewhere else? If so, where could I find it and learn more about it?

  13. Good to laugh out loud to fiction. Despite the strange looks in work. Thanks.

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