Today is Fuzzy Nation Paperback Release Day!

Here’s Papa Fuzzy, proudly showing off the paperback edition of Fuzzy Nation, which is available here in the US and Canada now now now now. You can tell he’s mightily pleased that book is now available in a compact, travel-friendly yet physical format.

And if you pick up the paperback, there’s something special at the back: An excerpt from Redshirts! What’s not to like about that? Nothing, that’s what.

For those of you with electronic preferences, I’ll note that the Kindle/Nook edition prices now reflect the paperback pricing.

In the UK? The paperback edition comes out there May 14.

Now: To the bookstores!

11 thoughts on “Today is Fuzzy Nation Paperback Release Day!

  1. Yay, paperback fuzzy!

    (Of course, I will take my Seattleite glee in remembering I was there for both of those Fuzzies.)

  2. Picked up the hardcover, so I’ll have to respectfully decline the temptation to pick this up solely for the Red Shirts preview. Hope it sells well.

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