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Ask Papa Fuzzy Anything: Alien Probes, Paul & Storm, Movie Casting, Interspecies Erotica

Papa Fuzzy’s back and he’s got more answers to your questions! First, he digs into the issue of alien probes: Then, a critical evaluation of Paul & Storm’s “Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation)” song, written for the release of Fuzzy Nation: This is followed with a discussion of the casting of the inevitable movie: And finally […]

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Dear The Movie Junkies: Plagiarism is Still Not Cool

My pal Maryann Johanson wrote a review of the movie Shame on her site The Flick Filosopher on January 16. Here’s an excerpt of what she wrote: What is shocking about Shame is the male vulnerability, the male weakness, the abject male misery we see onscreen. Movies simply don’t do this. Movies protect the male […]

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The Big Idea: Elizabeth Bear

Dear world: Elizabeth Bear is awesome. Range of Ghosts is her new book. This is her big idea. Also: She is awesome. That is all. ELIZABETH BEAR: There’s nothing new under the sun in epic fantasy, or so I’ve heard it said. So when I was trying to come up with a Big Idea for […]

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John Carter and Hunger Games: The Postmortems

The Hunger Games is a smash. John Carter is a flop. Is there anything these two films can teach us about how science fiction films can and should be made and marketed? Over at FilmCritic.com, I offer up five lessons we’ve learned from these films. They aren’t the only five lessons. But they’re the ones […]

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