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Athena and Her Tool For the Zombie Apocalypse

I mean, aside from her bow, which she is in fact pretty good at. This thing is for close work, should it come to that. In the meantime it can used for any construction work we have around the house, but come on. We know it’s mostly for dealing with the undead.

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Ask Papa Fuzzy Anything: Alien Probes, Paul & Storm, Movie Casting, Interspecies Erotica

Papa Fuzzy’s back and he’s got more answers to your questions! First, he digs into the issue of alien probes: Then, a critical evaluation of Paul & Storm’s “Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation)” song, written for the release of Fuzzy Nation: This is followed with a discussion of the casting of the inevitable movie: And finally […]

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Dear The Movie Junkies: Plagiarism is Still Not Cool

My pal Maryann Johanson wrote a review of the movie Shame on her site The Flick Filosopher on January 16. Here’s an excerpt of what she wrote: What is shocking about Shame is the male vulnerability, the male weakness, the abject male misery we see onscreen. Movies simply don’t do this. Movies protect the male […]

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The Big Idea: Elizabeth Bear

Dear world: Elizabeth Bear is awesome. Range of Ghosts is her new book. This is her big idea. Also: She is awesome. That is all. ELIZABETH BEAR: There’s nothing new under the sun in epic fantasy, or so I’ve heard it said. So when I was trying to come up with a Big Idea for […]

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John Carter and Hunger Games: The Postmortems

The Hunger Games is a smash. John Carter is a flop. Is there anything these two films can teach us about how science fiction films can and should be made and marketed? Over at FilmCritic.com, I offer up five lessons we’ve learned from these films. They aren’t the only five lessons. But they’re the ones […]

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