Ask Papa Fuzzy Anything: Alien Probes, Paul & Storm, Movie Casting, Interspecies Erotica

Papa Fuzzy’s back and he’s got more answers to your questions!

First, he digs into the issue of alien probes:

Then, a critical evaluation of Paul & Storm’s “Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation)” song, written for the release of Fuzzy Nation:

This is followed with a discussion of the casting of the inevitable movie:

And finally a brief note about interspecies erotica:


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5 Comments on “Ask Papa Fuzzy Anything: Alien Probes, Paul & Storm, Movie Casting, Interspecies Erotica”

  1. Ron Jeremy is furrier than most, but not nearly furry enough. Clearly, Papa Fuzzy needs to take acting lessons and play himself. (Note: Furriness quotient from Google Images. I’m not sure how to find an actual Ron Jeremy film.) (No, you don’t need to tell me.)

  2. I am utterly amazed how you two can Share A Look (in the last one). I burst out laughing at it.

  3. Not merely blowing my own horn, with my classmate David Brin having published the Postman, but trying to make an ironic comment on interspecies erotica:
    The BrinMan [excerpt]
    Jonathan Vos Post

    “As you know,” said the extraterrestrial, “interstellar flight is difficult and expensive. We would not have come to your planet unless you had something of great value.”
    “That rules out minerals,” I said. “Gold, diamonds, whatever. Our entertainments called ‘sci-fi’ that idiotically portray beings coming from planets that circle other suns, in order to obtain hydrocarbons, or atmosphere, or water.”
    The extraterrestrial emitted a recording of canned laughter from some TV sitcom whose broadcast they’d analyzed on the way into our Solar System.
    “There was an entertainment called ‘Mars Needs Women’ — as if interspecies sexual intercourse would be evolutionarily likely. It makes more sense,” I said, while two other members of my United Nations First Contact team nodded approval, “to trade in structured information, such as mathematical theorems, or cultural constructs such as paintings or literature.”
    “We analyzed that gold-plated record on your primitive Voyager spacecraft,” said the extraterrestrial. “Yes, we’d like more Chuck Berry. But that hardly justifies this expedition.”…

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