Daily Archives: March 30, 2012

Fuzzy, Interrupted

Let’s say we’ll finish this up on Monday, shall we? Okay then.

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SFWA Members: Nebula Voting Ends TONIGHT at 11:59pm Pacific Time

So go and vote. It’s a great slate this year so you have excellent work to choose from. And once you’ve voted, tell every other SFWA active and lifetime active member you know to go vote as well. You will be my hero if you do. Thank you.

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Quick Christopher Priest Follow Up

Yes, I know, two follow-ups in a row! Some days are like that. But I thought if you were interested that you might enjoy some of the other commentary on Christopher Priest’s Clarke Award Cane Shaker, so here are links to comment and discussion from Cat Valente, Jeff VanderMeer, James Nicoll, Charles “Internet Puppy” Stross, […]

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The Movie Junkies and Plagiarism: Follow Up

The Movie Junkies site, which featured scads of movie reviews plagiarized from other movie critics, is at least temporarily down; right now if you go there you get the notice you see above, “Maintenance Mode,” apparently being a polite, or at least shorter, version of the more accurate description “Oh CRAP I Have So Much […]

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