Fuzzy, Interrupted

Let’s say we’ll finish this up on Monday, shall we? Okay then.

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  1. Did she say “party?”

    Woohoo! Party at Scalzi’s! Everybody who’s invited should show up! (Everybody else, I hope you’ve got some plans, ’cause party crashing is just rude.)

  2. *waits for someone to say “that was totally staged, she was totally like prompted to say that!” just as if it were some kind of clever observation*

  3. So. John. Since Krissy is obviously the pants wearer in the family I was wondering how short a skirt are you wearing for the party?

  4. David. Obviously you are not a married man. Any man who wants to stay happily married listens carefully to his wife. It is just the smart thing to do. I really like it when my wife is happy. When she is happy, I’m usually happy. I’m just sayin’.

  5. So. John. Since Krissy is obviously the pants wearer in the family I was wondering how short a skirt are you wearing for the party?

    Dude, when you get out of clothes your mother picked out for you, let us know.

  6. I want to see the look on the face of the 30th Century anthropologist who discovers this in some IIPC archive.

  7. @David: Wait, it’s a Scottish party? Did I miss something?
    @Bander1: Man, I’m sooooo with you on this one.

  8. Very diffidently, might a transcript of the Fuzzy Qs and As be put up at some point, please? I’m severely deaf and haven’t been able to follow any of the recordings (I rely on lipreading, which is not easy with Papa Fuzzy, but I’d like not to miss out on the fun if poss).

  9. @Sooz: Per your request:
    (Scene opening. Pappa Fuzzy is in front of the camera.)
    Pappa Fuzzy: Hey, everybody, it’s time for another set of questions from a fuzzy!
    (Background: Krissy walks into the room.)
    Pappa Fuzzy: And a… so whats that… whats that…
    Krissy: Wait, wait, wait! What are you doing?
    Pappa Fuzzy: Uh, I’m answering questions! It’s question and answer time.
    Krissy: You can’t do that here. I need all this space right here for what I’m doing right now.
    Pappa Fuzzy: What? What’re you doing?
    Krissy: I’m preparing for a party, so you need to scoot back.
    Pappa Fuzzy: But… but… but…
    Krissy: You gonna argue with me?
    Pappa Fuzzy: But the people…
    Krissy: (in her best “I’m Mom and this is a command” voice) You.. you gonna argue with me?
    Pappa Fuzzy: (in a “I know I’m not going to win this one”, downtrodden voice) No.
    Krissy: Thank you. (Then she gestures to the side with her thumb) Out.
    Pappa Fuzzy: (in a sad, almost trembling voice) I gotta go, people. We’ll do this some other time.
    (fade out)

  10. So – since Papa Fuzzy did in fact not argue with Krissy, and presumably did ‘scoot back’, what I wanna know is: did he get to go to (stay for) the party? And if so, what is it like, to party with a fuzzy?

  11. Upon posting, I realize that my previous questions are for John. Since Papa Fuzzy is going to answer more questions tomorrow, these are the questions I have (for Papa F): If you did get to go to Krissy’s party – what’s it like to party with the Scalzis? Did people dance? Did you dance? Did you like the food? What was the funniest moment? Thank you very much, Papa F – I hope you are enjoying your visit in OhioLand!

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