My Library Event in Bradford

It went well, I thought. First, we had a surprising (to me) number of people show up for an event on 10:30 on a Saturday; I don’t mind telling you I was skeptical that anyone would show up at that hour. So to everyone who did: You’re awesome, and thank you.

In addition to my usual schtick of a reading and a Q&A, the library did a very nice thing and presented me with a plaque thanking me for the donations that were made through my Redshirts auction, and also dedicated a corner of the library to me — naturally, the corner where they keep all the science fiction works. I am of course genuinely touched by that, and told the folks there that what this means is that from now I can no longer get in any sort of trouble, because if they do, they might take the plaque down. And, you know. That would be bad.

I read from Redshirts and from The Shadow War of the Night Dragons, but I also read this piece from my Thanksgiving Advent calendar, in which I discussed why I was thankful I lived in Bradford. As I was reading it I was very surprised to find myself choking up; reading it in front of a hometown audience got to me, and I’m an easy crier in any event. Fortunately no one seemed to mind.

It’s a little nervewracking to do a public event in your hometown; if you flub it up, everyone will see you in the IGA later, and that’s not good. So I’m glad everyone seemed happy with the event.

And now I need a nap. Catch you all a bit later.


By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Because we all know it’s only the power of the plaque keeping you on the rails as a decent person.

In all seriousness, it was a wonderful event. Your reading was hilarious and touching and Krissy and Athena and the library staff were very kind and welcoming to all of us out-of-towner nerds. I hope you’ll invite us back someday!

Thanks so much for your presentation this morning; it was a lot of fun! It’s still hard for me to believe that a best-selling science fiction author lives so close . . . in Bradford, no less!!! Oh, and if you ever need to research a small-town, general practice attorney for . . . I don’t know . . . misdemeanors in space or something . . . I’m over in Union City. ;) Thanks again!

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