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Redshirts Audiobook News + Tabletop

I can tell you this now that it is not April Fools Day and you will believe me. Many of you have asked whether there will be an audiobook version of Redshirts, and if so, who will be reading it. The answers: Yes, there will be an audiobook version of Redshirts; And, yes, it will […]

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Win the Scalzi Tor Collection

So, uh, hey: Want to win every single Tor book I’ve ever written? If you sign up for the Tor/Forge Newsletter (or if you are already a newsletter subscriber, enter at the link I’m about to give you), you can be entered in a sweepstakes for copies of all my Tor books, including the upcoming […]

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A Note of Appreciation for Madeleine Rosca

Anyone whose seen the covers for the manga of The Shadow War of the Night Dragon has fallen in love with them, and for good reason: They are fantastic, and fantastically funny. Full credit for that goes to artist Madeleine Rosca (of Hollow Fields fame), who did a terrific job incorporating elements of what I […]

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