Redshirts Audiobook News + Tabletop

I can tell you this now that it is not April Fools Day and you will believe me.

Many of you have asked whether there will be an audiobook version of Redshirts, and if so, who will be reading it.

The answers:

Yes, there will be an audiobook version of Redshirts;

And, yes, it will be read by Wil Wheaton.

Because, come on, people. Not only is Wil Wheaton a most excellent reader of my novels — we are together nominated for two Audie awards this year, for Fuzzy Nation and for Agent to the Stars — but it is a novel named Redshirts. If ever there were a no-brainer between book and reader, this is it.

So now you know. You may commence with your squee. Remember: If you buy the book and the audiobook, then you can follow along as Wil reads! It totally makes sense to do that!

While we are on the subject of Wil Wheaton, did you know that Wil has a new show, on the Geek & Sundry online channel, called Tabletop, in which he and a few of his geek friends get together and play games? On a table? Specifically, its top? It’s true. And as it’s a YouTube show, it’s embeddable, so here it is for your super-nerdy delight.

30 Comments on “Redshirts Audiobook News + Tabletop”

  1. Squee!

    And…good gods, that’s Grant Imahara at the table there. Wil Wheaton’s house is Geek Heaven.

    I will now try to stop wanting to Be His Friend, lest I fall prey to stalkerism.

  2. OK, but if I buy the audio book and Jim Parsons is reading it, I’ll be taking it back.

  3. Tabletop E1 was good, though I wonder if that’s really his house? If so, I’m totally jealous of his geekchichq table :)

  4. I’m not going to lie to you, John. I totally did the Snoopy dance when I read this.

    Now my coworkers think I’m REALLY strange.

  5. Robert, I bite my thumb at you and your Wesley-hate! Did Wesley ever wear a red shirt? Except for full-dress uniform, where everyone wore red (and the shirts were well hidden under the tunic/jacket things), I can’t recall seeing him in one.

    Redshirts were the Security guys in TOS, so they got killed all the time. In TNG departments weren’t color-coded the same way IIRC.

  6. If you are not invited, I will just assume Wil is just too embarrassed to be schooled in full view of the internet. Let these comments stand as testament of your ability to strike fear into the hearts of your friends.

  7. I have been reading WW’s blog & he mentioned that he was reading for an audio book but that he couldn’t say anything else about it. The fleeting thought occurred to me “What if it was one of Scalzi’s?” but I thought it too soon for your new one. I’m not much into audio books, rather read but this one I might make an exception for

  8. Comsumate professional or not, he’s gonna be breaking up half the time from the giggles. This may require more takes than usual.

  9. Blogger, science fiction award winner and now Star Trek novelists? About red shirts? AND friends with Will Wheaton? John, please consider forming your own mentorship organization comparable to Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Only for adult nerds.

  10. Having been both to Wil’s house and the Tabletop set, I can confirm that they are vastly different. Other than the stash of games, of course.

  11. Tabletop was pretty fun. You should totally get on there and school Wheaton!

  12. Not long ago I was thinking that the D&D episode of Community suggested that it might work to have a podcast type thingy of funny people playing D&D.

    Close enough!

  13. This is why I love the Internet, and the decline of big media. We get to see awesome projects and shows like this!

  14. Oh, man. Day[9] and Grant. And Wil. And Jenna.

    And soon to be JOHN SCALZI, ladies and gentlemen! I can’t see this not happening.Or rather, I would be hugely surprised if it didn’t happen.

  15. I would be surprised if it didn’t eventually happen either.

    It’s a great show, and a noble effort to bring table top eurogaming to the masses.

  16. Re: redshirts – Scottie wore a redshirt on classic Trek, cheated death many-a-day *and* lived to tell the tale in ST:TNG. So There.

    Re: Redshirts – really looking forward to the book *&* audio book! (I have been since I got to hear a little bit during the ‘Little Fuzzy’ book tour. On John’s Birthday, no less! With cake!)

    Re: Tabletop – watched the first episode on YouTube & greatly enjoyed the interplay and learning about a game that is new to me. I still need to watch the individual interviews with the game guests. Totally loving Geek & Sundry. John, like many above, I’m hoping you go on Tabletop. (or maybe you already did…)

  17. Has there been any announcement regarding when the audiobook version will be released and by whom? I’ve tried to find out how to buy it, but I can’t find the information anywhere (I’ve looked at Amazon, Audible, Blackstone Audio, Barnes & Noble). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  18. I’m going to unhelpfully hop on Barry C’s bandwagon. Is there news regarding the audiobook release? Please bring us all up to date. Something to squee about would be very much appreciated.

  19. I really want to buy the audiobook, but Audible doesn’t work with anything I own. Is there a way I could just buy the MP3s or even ::gasp:: CDs or get it in some format I can use?