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Redshirts by John ScalziOld Man's War by John ScalziThe Ghost Brigades by John ScalziThe Last Colony by John ScalziZoe's Tale by John Scalzi

Agent to the Stars by John ScalziThe Android's DreamFuzzy Nation by John ScalziMetatropolis edited by John ScalziYour Hate Mail Will Be Graded by John Scalzi

So, uh, hey: Want to win every single Tor book I’ve ever written? If you sign up for the Tor/Forge Newsletter (or if you are already a newsletter subscriber, enter at the link I’m about to give you), you can be entered in a sweepstakes for copies of all my Tor books, including the upcoming novel Redshirts. That’s ten books!

In other news, holy crap, I’ve written ten books for Tor! Seems like a lot in just seven years, you know?

Anyway: Here’s the link to enter. Please note that if you are a newsletter subscriber, you apparently have to make the effort to enter; they won’t enter you automatically.

Also: The sweepstakes is only open to US residents. I know, I know. There’s a whole rest of the world out there. I validate your existence, I swear. But that’s how the sweepstakes rules go.

Good luck!

24 Comments on “Win the Scalzi Tor Collection”

  1. Crows, another great contest I *can’t enter because of a puny insignificant border. No love for the neighbors to the north? =(

  2. for once i really hope i win something, my first time reading any of your books (I am reading Old Man’s War) and I have a hard time putting it down XD

  3. Darn over exuberant international shipping fees that limit the amount of giveaways open Internationally. Darn you! From my home if I wanted to send ONE book to the US it would cost at least $18 to ship + packaging and the cost of the book. I can’t imagine sending 10 books to say Malaysia or Russia from the US.

  4. Our neighbors to the north have only their own government to blame for being excluded from most contests like this. But in this case, I imagine that its because Tor is his US publisher so they’re interested in promtions that benefit their customers.

  5. Your neighbours to the north are unhappy with this contest give-away being forbidden to us.

    Don’t you know that Canada has 43% of the world’s population of were-badgers?

  6. I see no legitimate need for them to have my birth month and year (as opposed to knowing I’m over a certain age), so I can’t enter. At some point, this kind of information overreach has to be stopped.

  7. Guys, don’t take the contest being limited to the US out on John. Legally, Tor Books (and I know, because I helped set up this contest) isn’t allowed to extend giveaways beyond the U.S. It’s a lot to do with legal language and rights issues. Believe me, we would if we could – we know Canada’s got a ton of readers, and a ton of Scalzi fans!

  8. And would the manga collection of Shadow War of the Night Dragon be included in the giveaway?

  9. Damn it John, you have to stop this! I just found out that you have a couple of books I have not read yet. Between that & the constant pimping for other interesting works I am going to have to quit my job & just read full time until I am a 122 just to get to the bottom of my current reading list.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  10. I’m going to pass. Not because I don’t want them but because I already have all of them except for “Redshirts” and “Hate Mail”. Some of which are signed by our fearless leader.

    Therefore: I am magnanimously giving up my spot in the contest to some other most deserving fan. I hope you all appreciate this as I am a very lucky person in general and was a shoo in for the prize package.

  11. Could you refresh my geography knowledge, is Denmark a state in the US? Or might we be a bit to European for your taste… :/

  12. We can only WISH Denmark was a US state.

    Why do they need a street address for an e-newsletter?

  13. You’d have to ask them, but I would imagine they want the street address in this case so they can mail you the books if you win.

  14. Yes, yes, yes, I want them! I can’t tell you how much.

    Well, I can approximate. Woke up choking a few weeks ago (medical issue that I’ve dealt with, so don’t worry). I want this pile of books as much as I wanted a breath that night. And I’m much less likely to get it. I weep for my lack of these books.

  15. As another “rest of the world” non-entity, I am also unhappy about the lack of ability to win the ebooks. And I’m a subscriber to the Tor newsletter already, because (oddly enough), they are happy to sell me ebooks. Just not let me win them as a prize. I’m sure that makes perfect sense to someone.

    Seeing the full collection does remind me that the huge gap between the “official release” and actual availability of the books means that I usually forget that there is a new book and don’t buy it immediately it’s available. What happens is that some months later I’m browsing Fictionwise or Tor and happen to see the Scalzi incantation on a book, so I click buy and the site fails to say “you already own this”. Or I don’t, so I fail to own some of them.

    I realise that the whole “so many other countries” barrier means it would be tedious for the host to announce every single time one of his books is released somewhere, but I do wonder whether there’s a case to be made for treating ebook availability as “translated into a new language” and announcing that? So that those of us living in the century of the eWidget are reminded to buy it?

  16. So does that mean I actually have to PAY to get my hands on your books? I dunno. Seems a little over the top to me.

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