Hugo Award Nominations to be Announced This Saturday, April 7, 4pm Eastern

This is me putting on my Chicon 7 Toastmaster hat to say:

Hey! You want to know who got nominated for the Hugos (and the Campbell) this year! That’s why you will be paying attention this very Saturday, at 4pm Eastern time, because that is when the Hugo slate will be announced. You can get all the details at this very handy press release that Chicon 7 has created for you. In that press release you will discover that this year broke a record for the most people nominating for the Hugos.

This is a very exciting Hugo slate for me because, in my capacity as Toastmaster for Chicon 7, I will also be the host of the Hugo Awards ceremony. No, that does not mean that I currently know who has been nominated for the Hugos this year. It does mean, however, that this year I will be able to see people who have won one lose their minds from the vantage point of the actual stage. And you know what? That’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

So: Saturday, 4pm. Followed immediately by the sound of science fiction authors, editors and artists squealing their brains out in joy. Which will in turn be followed immediately by the sound of science fiction fans arguing pro and con about the slate! You don’t want to miss any of that. Be there for it, my friends.

10 Comments on “Hugo Award Nominations to be Announced This Saturday, April 7, 4pm Eastern”

  1. Then at 11:00 PM BST, we will learn that there is a difference between what is good and what is popular, or perhaps that all 1,101 of us should resign.

  2. Since I won’t be online then (we’ll be at a production of Twelfth Night), let me react to the slate of nominees now: Have we lived and fought in vain?

  3. I’ll be deeply disturbed if there isn’t at least one nominee with a talking horse.

  4. I was originally just going to say “I can’t wait”. But the comments relating to the recent, um, discussions about the Clarke awards has got me giggling and realizing I can’t live up to them. I still can’t wait. I want to be able to complain too.

  5. I’m kind of hoping Hugo gets a nomination. Granted it isn’t really in the right genre, but I just like the idea of a Hugo Hugo award.

  6. Unfortunately, I don’t think there could be any moment that could match last year, when Vince Docherty announced that “F**k Me, Ray Bradbury” had received a nomination.

  7. Hopefully I’ll actually have the time to finish reading/watching all of the candidates this year. I didn’t even make it through half of them last year. Makes voting a tad more difficult than I like.

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